Off-Street Parking

Off-Street Parking manages 38 parking facilities with over 15,000 total spaces and 60 retail spaces totaling over 97,000 sq. ft. These facilities employ approximately 275 FTEs, generating over $85 million in gross annual parking revenues and nearly $4.5 million in gross annual rent from retail tenants. There are over 70 active agreements, with private entities, currently being managed.

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Off-Street Parking (OSP) provides clean, safe and convenient parking to visitors, employees and businesses in the downtown core as well as in the commercial and residential districts, supporting economic vitality in the City. Many of the garages offer various services and amenities, including valet, car sharing, special discounted carpool rates, merchant validation, shuttle programs, electric vehicle chargers, secured bicycle parking and more. Various parking policies and programs, administered by the OSP, support the City’s Transit First policy and help reduce traffic congestion on City streets and promote alternate modes of transportation. OSP monitors current and anticipated parking demands, and evaluates the need for expansion and development of new parking facilities.

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