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F-Market & Wharves

511: Schedule changes effective April 12, 2014 5 days ago More...

Minor schedule changes are effective April 12, 2014. Please check your schedules for changes.

Muni Metro 

Revised running times were applied to all Muni Metro lines J, K/T, L, M and N on seven days a week. In general, times in the subway were reduced due to shorter travel times, while some lines saw an increase in running time on the street. 

Trips and frequencies on all Muni Metro lines remained the same. However, the revised running times shift times at outer timepoints and terminals.

An additional two-car train was added to the N Judah in the AM peak to improve reliability.

An additional single car was added to the K/T for the PM peak period to improve reliability.

Historic Streetcar

F Line running times were adjusted.

The F Line will now operate on a “tourist season” schedule, which provides a five-minute headway beginning at approximately 11:00 am seven days a week. This schedule also provides additional evening service after 7:00 pm and a more gradual tapering off of service.

Inbound (toward Fisherman’s Wharf) trips were adjusted slightly in order to shift more of the layover to the Wharf and away from 17th & Castro, in an effort to reduce backups at the Castro end.

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17th and Castro at Market (Castro Street Muni Metro station) via 17th Street, Market (uses island stops), Steuart, Ferry Terminal loop, Embarcadero, Jefferson, Jones to Beach.


Jones, Beach, Embarcadero, Ferry Terminal loop, Steuart, Market (uses island stops), Noe, 17th Street to terminal.

Note: Some stops between Van Ness and 1st Street are not wheelchair-accessible. See F Market accessibility.

Note: Selected trips travel to or from Balboa Park BART via Church Street and do not stop at the BART station itself.

  • Service: Local
  • Mode: Historic Streetcar
  • Inbound to: Fisherman's Wharf
  • Outbound to: The Castro
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Bikes: No