76X-Marin Headlands Express

511: Cherry Blossom Parade alert 3 days ago More...

The annual Cherry Blossom Grand Parade will start at 1 p.m. from Civic Center and head from Polk and McAllister via Polk and Post to Fillmore to Steiner.


The 21 Route may experience some delays during the parade and would re-route only if Grove Street is blocked at the parade formation area.

The 22, 31, 38, 47 and 49 routes may experience some delays during the parade.

The 2, 3, 5, 19, and 76X routes will be rerouted, from times listed below until the parade clears. Some stops below are unmarked. Use safety precautions.

Stop details
Line Times Missed Stops Alternate Stops/Lines

2 Clement to Downtown

11:30 a.m. until clear
  • Post and Laguna
  • Post and Octavia
  • Post and Gough
  • Post and Van Ness
  • Post and Polk
  • Post and Larkin
  • Sutter and Laguna
  • Post and Hyde
  • Between these two stops, take the 38 Geary on Geary Boulevard
2 Clement toward the Richmond District None None None
3 Jackson to Downtown 11:30 a.m. until clear
  • Fillmore and Pine
  • All stops on Sutter
  • All stops on Post except Grant
  • Fillmore and Sacramento
  • In between, see 2 Clement service
  • Post and Grant
3 Jackson to Presidio Heights None None None
5 Fulton to Downtown 10 a.m. until clear
  • McAllister after Van Ness.
  • McAllister at Polk.
  • McAllister near Hyde
  • McAllister at Gough.
  • Van Ness after Grove, 47 Route stop.
  • Van Ness at Market, 47 Route stop.
  • Use stops on Mission between 8th and Beale
5 Fulton to Ocean Beach 10 a.m. until clear
  • McAllister and 7th St. North.
  • McAllister and Hyde
  • McAllister and Larkin
  • McAllister and Polk
  • McAllister and Van Ness.
  • Market and Mason
  • 21 Route stops:
    • Market and 7th St. North
    • Market and Hyde
    • Hayes and Larkin
    • Hayes and Van Ness
  • McAllister and Gough

19 Polk to Fisherman's Wharf

11:30 a.m. until clear
  • Market and Hyde
  • Larkin and Grove
  • Larkin and McAllister
  • Larkin and Golden Gate
  • Geary and Larkin
  • Polk and Post
  • 7th St. and Market
  • 31 Route stops:
    • Turk at Leavenworth
    • Turk at Hyde
    • Turk at Larkin
  • Larkin and Eddy
  • Larkin and O'Farrell
  • Polk and Sutter
19 Polk to India Basin 11:30 a.m. until clear
  • Polk and Sutter
  • Polk and Post
  • Polk and O'Farrell
  • Both stops on Eddy
  • Polk and Pine
  • Hyde and Turk
21 Hayes inbound toward downtown Before parade
  • Only if required.
  • Grove and Van Ness
  • Polk and Lech Walesa
  • Grove and Gough
21 Hayes outbound toward Golden Gate Park None None None
76X Marin Headlands inbound to Caltrain Noon until clear
  • Van Ness and Sutter
  • Post and Van Ness
  • Post and Polk
  • Post and Larkin
  • Van Ness and Pine
  • Post and Hyde
76X Marin Headlands outbound toward Marin County None None None



Festival: Saturday, 4/18 at 4:00AM to Sunday, 4/19 at 11:00PM

  • Post between Laguna and Fillmore
  • Webster between Geary and Sutter
  • Intersection: Webster @ Post
  • Parade:  Sunday, 4/19 at 1 p.m.
  • Parade route
  • Post between Fillmore and Steiner (Dispersal Area)

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This route is in effect for Saturdays, Sundays and Saturday- and Sunday-service holidays only.


Mitchell, Bunker, McCullough, Conzelman, Highway 101 (Golden Gate Bridge), Doyle Drive, Richardson, Lombard, Van Ness, Post, Kearny, Bush, Sansome, Sutter.

Inbound (limited stop area)

Richardson and Francisco to Sansome and Sutter. Stops: Richardson and Francisco; Lombard at Fillmore; Van Ness at Union, after Jackson, at Sacramento; Post after Van Ness, after Jones, after Powell, between Stockon and Grant; Kearny at Bush; Bush after Montgomery; Sansome at Sutter.


From Sansome and Sutter via Sutter, Van Ness, Lombard, Richardson, Doyle Drive, Highway 101 (Golden Gate Bridge), Alexander exit, Conzelman, McCullough, Bunker, Field, Alexander parking lot, Field, Bunker, Mitchell, Grassburn, Kirkpatrick, 1st to Fort Cronkhite parking lot.

Outbound (limited stop area)

Richardson and Francisco to Sansome and Sutter. Stops: Sutter after Sansome, after Kearny, after Stockton, after Powell, after Leavenworth, at Van Ness; Van Ness after Clay, after Jackson, at Union; Lombard at Fillmore; Richardson at Francisco.

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