Annual Permit for Residents

Annual Permit Information

Annual Fee: $110 

Expires within 6 months: $55 

If you live in a residential parking permit area, a residential permit will exempt you from the posted time limit. All other parking regulations apply. Vehicles must be moved every 72 hours or they will be subject to towing.

Does Your Address qualify for a residential parking permit?

  •  Use the interactive map

  • If you are using Internet Explorer or have difficulty using maps, please contact 311 415.701.2311 outside San Francisco) for assistance.

Apply for a Permit

Applications may be submitted in person or by mail to the SFMTA Customer Service Center at 11 South Van Ness Avenue, open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please ensure you have the proper documentation prior to submitting your application by mail or appearing at the SFMTA Customer Service Center. No parking permits will be issued to any vehicle with delinquent parking citations or an expired vehicle registration.

Application Requirements:
  • Download and complete an application  [Español] [中國]. See below for permit expiration dates. If permit area expires in less than six months, the fee is prorated to 50% of annual rate.
  • Proof of residency: Copy of current vehicle insurance policy with the applicant's name at the permit address displayed. (If you are active military personnel, a full-time student or applying for a business permit see below.) 
  • California Vehicle registration:  Registration must have the applicant's name and address where the permit is to be issued. If you have recently moved, you must update your registration information in-person at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Address changes by mail may take several weeks to update and RPP permits cannot be issued unless this information is updated in the DMV system. If you are applying for a permit for a new vehicle and do not have license plates yet, you will receive a 90-day temporary permit which will be converted to a standard permit once the license plates have been received.

If you are active military personnel and your vehicle is registered to another address, please provide proof of active military assignment.  Proof of residency and current registration are also required.

If you are a full-time student at a higher education institution within San Francisco and your vehicle is registered to another addressor, please provide certification from your registrar’s office of current full-time student enrollment (a student ID is not sufficient). Proof of residency, such as a current rental agreement (signed within the last 3 months), and current California vehicle registration are also required (the address on the registration may be an address outside of San Francisco, but must be a California address).

Residents who are assigned a company/business vehicle for exclusive use must provide a copy of the current California vehicle registration in the name of the business or vehicle leasing company and an employment/vehicle assignment verification letter from the company the vehicle is registered to, in addition to proof of residency.


Apply permit to left rear bumper or lower left rear window (outside only) so decal is visible from rear of vehicle. Decal may not be affixed to the inside of the window or with glue, tape or any other temporary means. Improperly displayed permits will be considered invalid and vehicle will be cited for overtime parking.

PERMIT expiration dates

A 2/28 D 1/31 H 1/31 M 10/31 S 4/30 X 8/31
B 8/31 DD 7/31 I 11/30 N 3/31 T 8/31 Y 3/31
BB 1/31 E 9/30 J 11/30 O 3/31 U 9/30 Z 5/31
C 7/31 F 9/30 K 5/31 P 3/31 V 1/31  
CC 8/31 G 6/30 L 1/31 R 8/31 W 10/31  

Limit Four (4) Permits Per Address

A maximum of four active annual residential permits may be issued to a single address. In special circumstances, you may request a waiver to this limit.

To request a waiver, send a written request to:

SFMTA Customer Service Center
11 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103

Please include all relevant vehicle information and the reason you are requesting additional permits in your letter, and allow 10 business days for the SFMTA to review your request.