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Aaron Bialick

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Four versions of Muni tickets with artwork.
The tickets dispensed from Muni’s new fareboxes feature these four pieces of winning Muni Art.

If you’ve bought one of the tickets from one of our new Muni fareboxes, you may have noticed that the back sides feature some beautiful artwork.

These works are from the winners of the inaugural year of Muni Art, which were displayed on 50 Muni buses in 2016. As we roll out a new type of Muni ticket, we took the opportunity to double them as a canvas for local art.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Two photos of SFMTA staff in the contingent in the Pride parade, standing on a decorated motorized Cable Car 62 and walking in front of it holding a banner that says, "Moving People With Pride."
The SFMTA contingent in this weekend’s Pride parade, featuring motorized Cable Car 62.

We were thrilled to move people with pride this weekend as we celebrated and hosted another extravagant Pride festival and parade. We always love to show our colors in the parade with a ride on our decked-out motorized Cable Car 62, and this year’s event seemed to be one of the most spectacular yet.

Friday, June 23, 2017

San Francisco City Hall viewed from Van Ness Avenue, with cars and a Muni trolley bus on the street.

This is a basic recap of items voted on and discussed by the SFMTA Board of Directors at its most recent meeting. SFMTA board meetings are usually held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, and agendas are posted on the board’s webpage under “meetings” 72 hours in advance.

This list only includes items featured on the “Regular Calendar” section of the board agenda. See the full agenda for presentation materials and the rest of the items, which include routine board business, general public comment and “Consent Calendar” items, which are scheduled for a single vote without discussion.

You can also watch a video of this meeting and past SFMTA board meetings on SFGovTV.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Two photos. One shows a Scoot e-moped parked at a curb on a residential street. The other shows three people riding Scoot e-mopeds on a street.
Left photo: Scoot | Right photo: Marcin Wichary/Flickr

Update: On Tuesday June 20, the Shared Electric Moped Parking Permit Program was approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors. The board voted to lift the 8-foot curb space limit and allow permitted shared e-mopeds to park along any curb in Residential Parking Permit areas.

Over the last few years, you've probably noticed the rise of Scoot – the first major provider of shared electric mopeds (e-mopeds) in San Francisco.

Shared e-mopeds, which are rented with a smartphone app (in Scoot's case), are one of the newest transportation options to emerge in the city's evolving landscape of shared vehicle services, which is predominated by car sharing. To help ensure we regulate and facilitate this service in a way that benefits our city, we've worked with Scoot to learn more about its needs and impacts.

Through that work, we've developed a proposed parking permit program for shared e-mopeds which is set to go to the SFMTA Board of Directors for approval next Tuesday, June 20.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Muni buses drive down red-colored transit-only lanes on Market Street.
Red transit-only lanes on Market Street.

As we wrote in April, red transit-only lanes work. And now, our efforts to pioneer them have taken a step forward: State and federal agencies gave San Francisco the green light to give more transit lanes the red paint treatment.

Our recent study showed that on three downtown streets, adding red paint to highlight bus-only lanes caused fewer drivers to violate them, reduced traffic collisions and made Muni service more reliable.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A rendering of people waiting at a Muni bus stop on Geary Street at Leavenworth Street with proposed Muni and safety upgrades, including a wider sidewalk and a red transit-only lane with a bus traveling down it.
A rendering of Geary at Leavenworth Street with proposed Muni and safety upgrades.

We're looking for members to join our new Geary Community Advisory Committee (CAC), where you can help shape our Geary Rapid plans to make the streets along Muni’s 38 Geary route safer, more efficient and more vibrant for everyone.

The Geary CAC will provide input on decisions as we design and implement improvements along Geary Boulevard, Geary and O’Farrell streets. People who live, work, visit and travel on Geary are encouraged to apply.

The project team has proposed improvements on Geary to make streets safer – especially for people walking – and Muni service faster and more reliable to meet rising transportation demands in the years to come.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Three photos of a newly-installed bicycle traffic signal and waiting area for left turns on The Embarcadero at North Point Street.
This week at The Embarcadero and North Point Street, we installed a new bicycle traffic signal and waiting area for left turns.

As we reimagine The Embarcadero as a better place to walk and bike along San Francisco's picturesque waterfront, we're installing a few initial upgrades this summer and measuring their impact.

The latest improvements came this week at The Embarcadero and North Point Street, where there's a new bicycle traffic signal and green-colored road markings to make left turns easier for people on bikes.

These kinds of small-scale upgrades add up to make streets safer, more comfortable and more intuitive for everyone to use. As we work with the community to develop a larger vision in the Embarcadero Enhancement Project, we wanted to make relatively quick, low-cost improvements that don't have to wait.

Here are the walking and biking improvements in store for The Embarcadero this summer – and those already in place.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

People board a Muni bus in front of Balboa Park Station.

Crime on Muni vehicles and in stations has dropped steadily since 2013, as you may have heard.

The decline in crime comes even as more people ride Muni, and it correlates with our efforts with the SF Police Department to use better surveillance equipment and data to deploy police where they're needed most.

Still, it's always best to be prepared, and we thought it'd be helpful to share recommendations for the safest ways to respond.

Friday, May 19, 2017

People board a Muni bus at a stop using a new bus boarding island, with a bike lane placed between the island and the sidewalk, on the 9R San Bruno Rapid route.
A 9R San Bruno Rapid Muni bus at a stop with a new bus boarding island on Bayshore Boulevard at Flower Street.

Starting July 1, Muni fare rates will increase for single-trip fares, by up to 25 cents, and for monthly passes, by up to three dollars.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Two photos of the new parking-protected bike lane on 7th Street.
A new parking-protected bike lane on 7th Street. The bike lane runs between the sidewalk and new Muni boarding islands to make it easier for everyone to navigate.

There's good reason to celebrate Bike to Work Day this year, with new protected bike lanes on three streets and a new SFMTA webpage dedicated to bike count data.

New parking-protected bike lanes are ready on 7th and 8th streets in SoMa and on 13th / Division Street. Those were completed in time for the May 4 deadline set in Mayor Ed Lee's Executive Directive on Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety (PDF) in August, which called for three protected bike lane projects to be completed within nine months.

“The SFMTA is committed to creating better, safer streets for people who bike and all other road users, and that starts with infrastructure that separates cars, bikes and pedestrians,” said SFMTA Director of Transportation Ed Reiskin. “Over the next five years, we will invest more than $112 million into 92 miles of bikeway projects. These projects don’t just create safer streets, they help us reduce congestion and air pollution at a time when more people are trying to get around San Francisco than ever before.”