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Friday, August 18, 2017

A screenshot of Curbed SF’s map of the 10 best places to view the solar eclipse.
A screenshot of Curbed SF’s map of the “10 best places to view” the solar eclipse on Monday.

If you’re looking to witness the phenomenon that is the solar eclipse on Monday, San Francisco has plenty of great peaks and parks with open views to see it. (Using the proper eye protection to view it safely, of course.)

Curbed SF listed its “10 best places” to view the solar eclipse, and if you’re not able to walk or bike to them, the best way to get to them is, of course, Muni. But it’s not always easy to remember which Muni routes and lines can get you up to, say, Twin Peaks or Grandview Park.

So without further ado, here are the best Muni routes to get to the 10 best places to view the solar eclipse on Monday.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Reminder: Final Muni Subway Shutdowns for New Train Tests

Muni Metro subway closures for tests on new Muni trains will continue through this weekend. Subway service will close early on weekdays at 9:30 p.m., and Friday night until Monday morning. Muni bus shuttles will operate between Embarcadero and West Portal stations. Muni Metro trains will continue to operate on the surface during the test period. For complete details, please visit our service alert page.

Italian Festival parade procession
Festa Coloniale Italiana attendees in a procession in 2008. Photo: Chad K/Flickr

Friday, August 11, 2017

Today marks the 100-year anniversary of Muni’s J Church rail line. Still looking spry for a centenarian, the J has operated since 1917, and it still essentially runs along the same route down Market and Church streets, through Dolores Park and Noe Valley.

While it’s not the oldest transit line in the city, the J Church is the oldest of Muni’s remaining original “letter lines," and it follows a unique path along its roughly seven-mile route.

black and white poto taken in 1934 on Church and 17th Streets.  A streetcar o the J line is stopped next to a fire truck and a man is standing between the fire truck and streetcar facing the camera.  The streetcar has a movie poster advertisement on the back reading "mae west"
A J Line streetcar stops next to a fire truck outside Everett Middle School on Church at 17th Street in 1934.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

This weekend will be jam-packed with huge music events like Outside Lands and a Lady Gaga concert at AT&T Park, the Pistahan Parade and Festival on downtown Market Street, the Escape from the Rock Duathlon along the Marina waterfront and the Inner Sunset Flea Market. Read more about the featured events below.

Muni Service Changes: Beginning Saturday, there will be a number of stop changes along outer San Bruno Avenue for the 8, 8AX, 9 and 90 routes. And as of Monday, the 7R Haight/Noriega Rapid will be known simply as the 7 Haight/Noriega to make service easier to navigate for riders. For details on the service changes, please see our blog post from Monday.

Subway Open This Weekend: The Muni Metro subway will be open for regular service this weekend, Aug. 11-13. Subway closures for tests on new Muni trains will resume Monday, on weekdays after 9:30 p.m., and for a final weekend on Aug. 18-20. For details on the subway closures, please visit our service alert page.

2008 Outside Lands crowd
The crowd puts their hands in the air at Outside Lands in 2008. Photo: Ryan Devenish/Flickr

Monday, August 7, 2017

An 8 Bayshore Muni bus traveling on San Bruno Avenue.
An 8 Bayshore Muni bus on San Bruno Avenue. Photo: munidave/Flickr

Muni Forward service changes are coming this Saturday, Aug. 12 and Monday, Aug. 14 to simplify and improve service on the 7, 8, 8AX, 9 and 90 Owl routes. Here’s a breakdown of the changes ahead.

7 Rapid Service Becomes 7 Local Service, All Day

Starting Monday, Aug. 14, the 7R Haight/Noriega Rapid will be known simply as the 7 Haight/Noriega to help make service easier to navigate for Muni riders.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

People out enjoying a street fair under a bright afternoon sky.
People enjoying the Nihonmachi Street Fair in Japantown on August 13, 2011. Photo credit: David Yu/Flickr

Nihonmachi Street Fair

Saturday and Sunday, various times

Founded in 1973, the Nihonmachi Street Fair was created to provide leadership and mentorship opportunities for the youth of Japantown and honor the cultural heritage of the neighborhood. Since then, the event has grown from a small neighborhood affair with four booths to a two-day festival that draws over 30,000 people and incorporates local music that spans genres from Taiko to salsa, rock and jazz. This year's fair will showcase work from local Asian artists, the fourth annual co-ed basketball tournament, Sunday's Doggie World, and a food fest.

How to Get There on Muni: The 2 Clement, 3 Jackson, 22 Fillmore, 31 Balboa and 38 Geary/38R Geary Rapid routes will take riders close to the event.

Muni Service Note: There are no scheduled service reroutes, but Muni service near Japantown may see minor delays due to increased ridership.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

As we continue to run rigorous tests on Muni's new light rail vehicles (LRVs), here's a look back at the testing Muni undertook in the late 1970s to prepare its first generation of LRVs for service. We appreciate Muni riders' patience during the subway closures required to conduct the tests.

black and white photo showing two men standing in front of large computer inside Boeing Light Rail car looking at graph paper printout coming from machine.
Two technicians read a printout from a testing computer on one of Muni's first Boeing LRVs in January 1978.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Artwork displayed in advertisement slots on a Muni bus.
Art from 2017 winner Monica Tiulesci displayed on a Muni bus earlier this year. Photo: SF Beautiful

The nominees are in, and voting is open for the next generation of art you want to see displayed on your Muni commute in 2018. Muni Art returns for its third year with visual interpretations of local poetry. 

With 10 finalists selected by a committee of representatives from local galleries, artists and arts institutions, now is your chance to vote for which five winners will have their art showcased on 20 buses each starting in January 2018.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Muni train on The Embarcadero.
A new Muni train on The Embarcadero out for a beautiful night of mechanical tests.

The first week of Muni subway closures is underway to finalize tests on the next generation of Muni trains. So far, the tests have yielded some promising results and beautiful first glimpses of the new fleet on the streets.

On Friday night, one of our five new Siemens train cars left the Muni Metro East rail facility to begin automatic train control testing in the Muni Metro Subway and along the N Judah Line. Over the weekend, our team of train mechanics and other staff began the rigorous suite of mechanical tests and tweaks needed to make sure the new fleet is ready to start rolling out this year.

The team completed all of the tests planned for the first weekend, which would have taken more than three weeks to conduct during the regular overnight subway closure hours, when crews do maintenance work in the tunnel. With longer windows of uninterrupted time to conduct tests, our engineers can review test results and troubleshoot any issues much more efficiently.

Monday, July 24, 2017

22 Fillmore Muni bus on 16th Street.

Get ready for upgrades on 16th Street starting this year under the 22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project, part of Muni Forward. As we wrote last year, the project will bring improvements to make two miles of 16th safer while making Muni service on the 22 faster and more reliable. Amenities will include transit-only lanes, sidewalk extensions, transit boarding islands, accessible pedestrian signals, as well as trees and landscaping.

While the project will bring its most significant changes to the 22 route by 2020, 16th is getting initial improvements in the coming months. Work has already begun to add painted safety zones on the street and finish moving bike lanes from 16th to 17th Street.