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Strategic Planning Process

Strategic plans help align an organization’s people, services, projects, processes, resources, and tools. The SFMTA Strategic Plan is defined by a set of terms that outline high-level concepts and aspirations – values, vision, mission, and goals – and the actionable strategies – objectives and actions – which can then be incorporated into the everyday work of agency staff.

The performance metrics established for each objective will measure agency progress and chart a course for ongoing evaluation and reporting.

  • Vision: Our future desired state.
  • Mission: The agency’s overall function and purpose.
  • Values: Principles and behaviors to guide how we work.
  • Goals: Key areas on which to focus our efforts to achieve our vision.
  • Objectives: Specific ways we can achieve our Goals.
  • Performance metrics: How we track our progress.
  • Actions: Programs and initiatives to move the needle on the metrics.

Since the last SFMTA Strategic Plan was developed in 2012, the city has seen significant shifts in the transportation sector, as well as in the economic, environmental, and social environments in which the SFMTA operates. However, after an extensive evaluation of the last plan and a needs assessment for the this new plan, the Executive Team determined that while the city has changed, our core vision, mission, and high-level goals remain an accurate description of what the agency is working to achieve. 

Therefore keeping the main elements of the last plan as the foundation for this new plan would be most effective in developing a new strategic objectives and actions for the agency. Based on input from staff from locations across the city and the agency’s external stakeholders, this new Strategic Plan:

  • Reestablishes the Agency Vision, Mission, and Goals: These key elements of the current Plan still resonate with agency staff and remain what the agency as a whole wants to achieve. The Executive Team has reviewed and refreshed the vision, mission, and four main goals to clarify the expected outcomes of the plan.
  • Reintroduces Agency Values: The development of a new Strategic Plan is an opportunity to reestablish values that will guide the agency’s work.
  • Redefine Strategic Objectives: The current Strategic Plan’s objectives have been updated to keep the plan relevant and impactful in this evolving environment. The new objectives reflect key priorities and programs for the agency and address emerging issues in the transportation sector.
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Each new objective will be linked to revised performance metrics. These KPIs will be tracked regularly and compared against desired target performance levels to monitor progress and trends.

The development of the elements of this strategic plan was a well-researched process that included internal and external stakeholders through a variety of engagement and outreach processes:

  • Staff engagement at all levels of the agency, including multiple formats of workshops and participatory exercises on each new element of the strategic plan.
  • Identification of best practices through researching peer transit agency strategic plans.
  • Compilation of external stakeholder interests and recommendations, as well as discussions with the SFMTA Board of Directors and the Citizen’s Advisory Council.


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