Paul McCartney Concert at Candlestick Muni service
Thursday, August 14, 2014, 4:30 pm

Planned Alert

Updated Aug. 11: More detailed instructions

Muni will provide special service for the Paul McCartney Concert at Candlestick. Service runs from 4:30 pm until after the end of the concert. Doors open at Candlestick at 5:00 pm. The concert will start at approximately 8:00 pm and will be over by 11:30 pm.

BART customers and western SF neighborhoods: Take the 75X Route from Balboa Park BART Station non-stop to Candlestick.

Downtown SF and eastern SF neighborhoods: Take the T-Third or Metro Shuttle to 3rd and Gilman, and transfer to the 87 Route, which continues non-stop to Candlestic.

Concert service



How to ride

75X-Candlestick Park Express

Balboa Park BART Station/Candlestick non-stop

Take BART or Muni J, K, M, 8X, 29, 43 or 54 to Balboa Park Station. Transfer to 75X.
Metro Shuttle Embarcadero Station/Gilman & 3rd Local service Take Muni T or LRV Shuttle to 3rd & Gilman. Transfer to 87.

87-Candlestick Park Shuttle 

Gilman & 3rd/Candlestick non-stop

Regular fares apply.


  • The last BART train toward the East Bay will leave Balboa Park Station at 12:12 AM. 
  • The last train towards Millbrae will leave Balboa Park Station at 12:45 AM. 
  • BART will not hold trains or extend its service.


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