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McAllister Street and Arguello Boulevard Community Walkthrough

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 6:00pm
798 Arguello Boulevard, San Francisco, CA, 94118, United States

The project team invites you to attend a Community Walkthrough on May 25, 2016 from 6PM to 7PM outside the Velo Rouge Cafe at 798 Arguello Boulevard to discuss proposed changes to circulation for McAllister Street and Arguello Boulevard.  SFMTA project staff will be on site to answer questions regarding a proposed change to vehicle circulation on McAllister Street.  This change is being investigated as part of the Arguello Boulevard Safety Project, which will be implementing safety improvements for people walking and biking on Arguello Boulevard.  

The intersection of Arguello Boulevard and McAllister Street is a high-conflict location between people driving, biking, and walking with a history of collisions involving vehicles turning left onto McAllister Street. McAllister Street residents submitted a petition for traffic calming and speed reduction in 2014. The SFMTA measured and confirmed speeding on the street and installed a speed hump on McAllister Street between Parsons and Willard in 2015.   

Proposed Changes:

  • No Left-Turn from southbound Arguello Boulevard to eastbound McAllister Street.
  • Construct a Painted Median in the center of Arguello Boulevard to block southbound left-turns.  This painted median will act as a trial treatment to investigate the possibility of constructing a full concrete median when Arguello repaved in 2017.
  • Establish Right-Turn Only for westbound vehicles on McAllister approaching Arguello Boulevard.


  • Reduced Traffic on McAllister Street:  McAllister Street will be a calmer, low-traffic street with fewer  vehicles traveling between Arguello Boulevard and Stanyan Street
  • Fewer Conflicts at McAllister/Arguello:  By prohibiting the southbound left turn, this change will remove an ongoing source of conflict between drivers and people walking and biking.
  • Slower Speeds on Arguello Boulevard:  The median on Arguello will slow the speed of drivers as they approach the crosswalks at Cabrillo and McAllister Streets.


  • Circulation Changes:  McAllister Street residents who wish to get south to Fulton Street from McAllister Street will have to use Willard, Parsons, or Stanyan.  McAllister Street residents who wish to get to McAllister Street from southbound Arguello Boulevard will have to use Golden Gate or Fulton.  


Charlie Ream
Project Manager
SFMTA, Livable Street Subdivision

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