Bike Facility Types

The SFMTA uses many types of lanes, roadway markings and intersection treatments to make the San Francisco bicycle network more safe, comfortable, and convenient. The Bike Map shows the bicycle network where most of these treatments can be found. For information about the installation of new bike paths, lanes, etc., check out our current Bike Projects.

Bicycle Paths

Duboce Avenue Bike Pathway | February 13, 2013

Bicycle paths are off-street paved bikeways. They are separated from vehicle traffic, but are almost always shared with pedestrians.

Bicycle Lanes

A Cyclist rides down a Class II Bike Lane along Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission District | May 15, 2013

Bike lanes are marked on-street lanes for bicycle travel. Those riding in a bike lane should always be aware of driveaways, mixing zones, car doors and vehicles such as taxis or paratransit that may temporarily occupy the lane.

Separated Bikeways

Bikeway With Buffer Zone | February 13, 2013

Separated bikeways are bicycle facilities that are separated from traffic by parked cars, safe-hit posts, or painted buffer zones. Always be considerate of slower-moving bicyclists.

Shared Lanes

Cyclists Ride through a Class III Bike Route on Steiner Street Looking North | May 16, 2013

Shared lanes are typically wide travel lanes shared by bicyclists and vehicles. They are

commonly marked with sharrows and signs. Those riding a bike should make sure to stay out of the door zone.

Green Bike lanes

Green Bike Lane on duboce Avenue | February 13, 2013

Enhanced green bike lanes and other green road treatments are meant to guide bicyclists,

increase visibility, and alert motorists of bicycle facilities.


Sharrow on Market Street | February 13, 2013

Sharrows, or Shared Roadway Bicycle Markings, are placed outside the door zone in shared lanes to show both bicyclists and motorists where bicyclists should ride and assist with wayfinding.

Greenback Sharrows

Greenback Sharrow on Duboce Avenue and Steiner Street | February 13, 2013

Greenback sharrows are there to guide bicyclists through intersections. Those riding bikes should follow them carefully across turning lanes or through mixing zones.

Dashed Green Bicycle Lanes

Bike Mixing Zone on Fell and Baker Streets | February 13, 2013Dashed green bicycle lanes indicate areas where cars and bicycles merge. Both those driving and riding a bike should go slow, watch out and share the road.

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