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Be Nice, Look Twice Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Drive like your friend is in the crosswalk. Yielding saves lives. Truck/driver waiting for a man in a crosswalk. nice look twice. 311 free language assistance text.  Be Nice Look Twice logo. City of SF logo.

Everybody is a pedestrian at some point in their journey, whether walking several miles, a few blocks to the bus stop or to a parking space.  Walking not only improves personal health and quality of life, but it also improves neighborhood character, environmental sustainability and economic growth. San Francisco's vibrant character stems from the great number of pedestrian trips that take place every day.

Being informed is a first step to creating a safer environment for people walking. Visit for the latest data on road safety in San Francisco and the city's effort to protect all road users and data shows that a significant number of collisions between autos and pedestrians are driver-at-fault.

San Francisco’s Commitment To Keeping Pedestrians Safe

Launched quickly at the advent of the adoption of Vision Zero in San Francisco, the city's commitment to eliminate roadway fatalities, the Be Nice campaign helped highlight the issue of pedestrian collisions. After the campaign, nearly 80% of San Franciscans reported knowing that pedestrian safety in the city is an issue that needs to be tackled.

The frequency of traffic fatalities in the City of San Francisco constitutes a public health crisis. We believe all traffic fatalities are preventable. Through its policy commitment to achieving Vision Zero, San Francisco prioritizes the value human life and the importance of safeguarding people on our streets.

Pedestrian Safety Toolkit

Spread the word about pedestrian safety in San Francisco. Download this toolkit of fact sheets, a social media cover image and a poster.

Be Nice Look Twice Fact Sheet

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Drive like your mom is in the crosswalk. Truck waiting for a woman in a crosswalk.

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