This is Your Muni

With the arrival of the New Muni Trains, the SFMTA saw an opportunity not only to highlight some features of the new trains in the ad space, but also promote desired customer behavior. SFMTA staff work hard to create a safe and reliable Muni experience, but Muni customers can help in creating a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. This is Your Muni is a transit etiquette campaign that gives a sense of ownership to the Muni customer, reminding them that they have an opporunity to make traveling by transit a pleasant experience. Specific to the new trains, the phrase "this is your Muni" is also a reminder that the SFMTA incorporated public input in designing train layout and colors.

This is Your Muni is a light-hearted campaign that uses pop music references that span generations and genres to encourage good customer behavior. These behaviors include:

  • Removing backpacks when standing on a crowded train
  • Moving away from the doorway after boarding
  • Offering up a seat to pregnant women or families with small children
  • Using headphones or earbuds when listening to music or audio
  • Holding on to straps or poles when standing during a ride
  • Asking customers to use the Rate My Ride feature on MuniMobile

The campaign is also reminds customers of existing rules, just restated in a different way.

This is Your Muni was quietly introduced when the new trains started service, but since then, there has been positive feedback from customers who have had the opportunity to see them on the trains. With feedback from the public and with a new brand, the SFMTA modified some of the content and added some graphics to extend the campaign to the bus fleet, in addition to the new trains.