Updated rescreening Checklist for Evaluation of Taxi E-Hail App Integration with San Francisco Paratransit Program 10.4.2021

Effective Date
Monday, October 4, 2021 - 9:00am

TO: E-Hail Application Providers,

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) E-Hail application provider criteria require that applications “must integrate with the SF Paratransit Debit Card System at no cost to the SF Paratransit Program in the manner prescribed by the SF Paratransit Broker.” The purpose of this memo is to provide guidance as to how to integrate with the SF Paratransit Debit Card System, satisfying the requirement.

To determine if your taxi E-Hail app is able to integrate into San Francisco Paratransit Program (SF Paratransit Program) and should be considered for approval, please complete the checklist on page 2. This checklist will allow the City’s Paratransit Broker to screen your taxi E-Hail app for integration into the SF Paratransit Program. This process is only one phase of the SFMTA’s E-Hail app approval process conducted by SFMTA’s Taxis, Access & Mobility Services (TAMS) Division. The SF Paratransit Program does not approve E-Hail apps but assists the SFMTA with evaluating such apps for working efficacy and integration into the SFMTA’s Paratransit program so it can be reliably and effectively used by the program’s riders.

After completing this prescreen checklist, your firm will be required to demonstrate each required feature. You may contact us.sfcontractadmin@transdev.com with any questions. The City’s Paratransit Broker will contact you to schedule the demonstration after your prescreen is evaluated.

Your E-Hail app will fail the evaluation if it does not meet all of the checklist evaluation criteria. The City’s Paratransit Broker will inform you and the SFMTA in writing whether your E-Hail app has met the SF Paratransit criteria. If your E-Hail app does not meet the criteria, the Paratransit Broker will provide specific reasons for the failure.

Please note: As previously explained, the Paratransit Broker’s review and evaluation doesn’t automatically mean approval, as integration with Paratransit is only one requirement. Final approval of the E-Hail app will be determined by the Director of Transportation. Please contact Forest Barnes at Forest.Barnes@SFMTA.com with any questions regarding all other SFMTA requirements for approval.

Philip Cranna, Enforcement and Legal Affairs Manager
Taxis, Access & Mobility Services