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Changes proposed for Muni terminals on Jackson Street east of Van Ness

To improve safety for transit operations and to make Jackson Street easier to navigate for neighbors, SFMTA is proposing to permanently relocate the terminals for both the 12 Folsom/Pacific and the 27 Bryant on the north side of Jackson Street between Van Ness Avenue and Polk Street. The 12 Folsom/Pacific terminal, which is on the south side of Jackson temporarily, would move to the northeast corner of Jackson and Van Ness, where the 27 Bryant terminal is located currently.  The 27 Bryant terminal would then relocate east to the northwest corner on Jackson at Polk.

After evaluating several options on potential locations for the 12 and 27 terminals, the proposed changes mentioned above is the best option to make transit operations safer and to minimize parking impacts in the neighborhood.

The 12 Folsom/Pacific terminal was moved to its temporary location when construction began on the Van Ness Improvement Project. 12 Folsom/Pacific inbound bus terminal must be permanently relocated to a new location to accommodate Bus Rapid Transit on Van Ness Avenue. The former location of 12 Folsom/Pacific terminal on the southeast corner of Van Ness at Jackson Street will not be available once changes to the roadway are made for Bus Rapid Transit.

This proposal would result in changes to some loading and parking spaces, with a net loss of two parking spaces on the block. A public hearing on the proposed changes is scheduled for March 22, 2019. The changes would go into effect in late summer 2019. With your help and patience, we are continuing to improve the safety and quality of our Muni lines.

Three ways to comment on the proposed changes:

  • Attend the SFMTA Public Hearing on March 22, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., ​​​​​​Room 416 (Hearing Room 4) City Hall, San Francisco.
  • Email comment to: with subject line “Public Hearing”. (Submit comments before the hearing.)
  • Mail comment to: Public Hearing, Sustainable Streets Division, One South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103-5417. (Submit comments before the hearing.)

All comments will be reviewed by project staff and the hearing facilitator and will be entered into the public record. No decision will be made at the public hearing. Click here for information on the Engineering Public Hearing.

Please contact and 415.646.2310 for more information about the proposal.