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Phase Three Outreach Events: Visitacion Valley and Portola Community Based Transportation Plan

During the project’s early outreach we got a lot of input from Visitacion Valley and Portola communities. We turned this input into a series of potential projects across the community and went back to the community to find out what we got right, what we got wrong and what we missed altogether. During our second phase of outreach in summer 2022, we shared a map of potential projects in Vis Valley and Portola. We reached over 1,000 residents and collected almost 300 surveys and 250 additional written comments. We used what we learned from the second phase of outreach to rework our projects to better reflect community voices, needs, challenges and values.

On November 30 we will circulate our Draft Plan, which includes:

  • Over $25 million in infrastructure projects across Visitacion Valley & Portola
  • A concept design for Mansell Street that proposes transforming the median into a community open space
  • Policy recommendations for other community needs and challenges outside the scope of the Visitacion Valley and Portola Community project

The graphic below shows the final list of projects proposed in the Draft Plan.

In our final phase of outreach, we are asking residents to help us prioritize the order in which we will build these projects. Your input will determine which projects we will build first. Please rank these projects in our survey. The survey closes at the end of January 2023

Draft plan projects

To learn more and share your thoughts:

  1. Attend a workshop (see information in the table below)
  2. Review the proposal and then fill out the project survey The survey closes at the end of January 2023
  3. Email the project team


*Interpretation in Chinese, Spanish and Filipino is available for all workshops below.

Date Event Time Zoom Link In-Person Location
November 30 Zoom Virtual Workshop 11 a.m.


Meeting ID: 821 3535 5834

Passcode: SFMTA

Zoom only
December 1 Zoom Virtual Workshop 3:30 p.m.


Meeting ID: 840 5297 5645

Passcode: SFMTA

Zoom only
December 4 Hybrid Virtual/In-person Workshop 12:30 p.m.


Meeting ID: 840 5297 5645

Passcode: SFMTA

River of Life Church

1430 Sunnydale Ave.