Central Richmond Traffic Calming Project

Project Overview

Concrete island example on Lake Street

The Central Richmond Traffic Calming Project seeks to reduce speeding and increase comfort levels for all street users from Lake Street to Fulton Street and from 12th Avenue to 24th Avenue. The traffic calming plan was developed during a process that included community-wide meetings, smaller working group meetings made up of residents and SFMTA staff, and review by several City agencies including the San Francisco Fire Department. Several traffic calming measures, including speed humps, pedestrian islands, and a traffic circle have been installed already. Please click on the Details to learn more about upcoming changes to this area.

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Project Details

Planning work on the Central Richmond Areawide Traffic Calming project concluded in 2009. Construction is complete on all of the highest prioritized or Phase 1 projects. These projects include:

  • Fourteen pedestrian islands installed on the south side of intersections along the 14th Avenue and Funston Avenue corridors.
  • A traffic circle at 23rd Avenue and Anza Street
  • Speed humps at various locations
  • A road diet on Balboa Street

The SFMTA is currently planning the installation of the second and final phase of projects. These projects include:

  • Twenty-eight speed humps, 2 on each block along the 14th Avenue and Funston Avenue between Lake and Fulton Streets. The speed humps are subject to community ballot to ensure community support.
  • Constructing six pedestrian islands at three intersections:
    • 15th Avenue & California Street
    • 21st Avenue & Lake Street
    • 24th Avenue and Anza Street
  • Each island will require the loss of one parking spot. There will be no parking impacts with speed humps.

Project Timeline

  • Speed Humps
    • Balloting will occur in March (2016).
    • Construction for the humps will occur in Fall 2016.
  • Pedestrian Islands
    • Construction for the islands will occur in early 2017.

New Traffic Calming Requests

If you have applied for traffic calming in the past few years (2013-2015), or if you are interested in applying for traffic calming in a location other than the planned locations above, please refer to the SFMTA's website for applicaton-based residential traffic calming.