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Employees in San Francisco routinely report that they are interested in starting to bicycle to work, but are unsure of their options for routes and parking, and are not confident that they know how to bicycle safely.

The Commute by Bike pilot, funded by a grant from the Transportation Fund for Clean Air, aims to connect employees with bike education, information, and secure bike parking. The program offers free, on-site bicycle education classes at the offices of participating employers as well as technical assistance about bike-parking for employers.

In 2012, the SFMTA was awarded a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Transportation Fund for Clean Air to provide outreach to 7,500 employees at 75 employers throughout San Francisco. The pilot is centered on the Northeast Mission neighborhood in the fall of 2013, expanding throughout the city in 2014.

Commute By Bike is a pilot program that is testing the efficacy of direct outreach to employees in reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips during peak commute hours. Working directly with employers located on the bike network to deliver on-site education classes for employees, informational e-newsletters and encouragement, Commute By Bike targets employees who are interested in bicycling to work, but do not currently do so. Additionally, Commute By Bike offers participating employers free on-site technical assistance in locating and implementing employee bicycle parking.

If you have a company that is interested in participating in the program, or want more information on the program, contact the program staff at CommuteByBike@SFMTA.comThe pilot is centered on the Northeast Mission neighborhood in the fall of 2013, expanding throughout the city to a total of 75 businesses in 2014.


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