Dewey Area Traffic Calming Project

Project Overview

The Dewey Area Traffic Calming Project seeks to reduce speeding and cut-through traffic on local streets in the Forest Hill and Upper Golden Gate Heights neighborhoods.

This project is being made possible by the California Safe Routes to School Program and through a San Francisco County Transit Authority grant of Proposition K Local Transportation Sales Tax funds.

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Project Details


The SFMTA heard community requests for traffic calming measures in the Dewey Area to reduce speeding and cut-through traffic on local streets in the Forest Hill and Upper Golden Gate Heights neighborhoods. Please note that this project will not address some arterial streets in the area such as 7th Avenue and Laguna Honda Boulevard.

In 2013 a community planning process developed area-wide project plans that were then approved by the SFMTA and City partner agencies. This traffic calming project is now in the early stages of implementation. Nine early implementation speed humps were constructed in 2014 at key perimeter locations to begin to discourage speeding and cut-through traffic. Those locations are Kensington Way(2), Balceta Avenue, Hernandez Avenue, Vasquez Avenue, 8th Avenue(2), and 9th Avenue(2).

This fall (2016) two speed humps will be constructed on Magellan Avenue between Dorantes and Montalvo. 

project timeline

  • 2013: Project planned with community stakeholders, and approved by City partners

  • 2014: Early Implementation speed humps installed at 9 key locations

  • Fall 2016: Magellan Avenue speed humps between Dorantes and Montalvo to be installed

  • Spring/summer 2017: the remainder of are speed humps and cushions will be installed

  • Summer/Fall 2017: other traffic calming measures will be constructed

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Traffic calming improves neighborhood livability by reducing the negative impacts of traffic in neighborhoods while improving the overall transportation experience on local streets and alleys through the reduction of speeding, reckless driving, and excessive noise and motor vehicle traffic levels. 

Traffic calming attempts to make cars more compatible with residential life, bicycle travel, pedestrians and other vehicles, so that streets are nicer places to travel and to live. 

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