Folsom/Essex Bikeway Improvement Project

Project Overview

SoMa is experiencing rapid residential and commercial growth and is poised to be among the neighborhoods with the highest bicycle ridership in San Francisco. With this rapid growth comes a need to make SoMa streets more safe and organized for all road users.

Currently, people riding a bike eastbound on Folsom Street must navigate a difficult segment between 1st and 2nd streets where they are forced to ride in a narrow bike lane sandwiched between lanes of vehicle traffic and merge with freeway-bound vehicles.

To enhance safety and better organize the roadway, the SFMTA is proposing to move the Folsom Street bike lane curbside to eliminate the need for people bicycling to merge with heavy volumes of freeway bound vehicles. The agency will also install a dedicated bicycle traffic signal at the Essex intersection to separate people biking from right-turning vehicles and special markings to provide clear direction on where motorists can expect bicyclists to be riding.

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Project Details

The intersection of 2nd and Folsom streets has seen a 20 percent increase in bicycling between 2011 - 2013, and is continuing to grow since the implementation of buffered bike lanes on Folsom Street between 4th and 11th streets in late 2013.
Currently, over 20,000 cars drive through the intersection of 2nd and Folsom each day. This heavy flow of traffic, combined with the existing, meager bicycle infrastructure leaves people riding a bike feeling vulnerable and people driving concerned about the potential for confusion and collisions.
To increase safety and comfort and better organize the roadway for all users, the SFMTA proposes to install a curbside bike lane so that people bicycling do not need to mix with freeway-bound traffic.
A dedicated bicycle traffic signal will be installed at Essex Street to protect people bicycling from turning vehicles and the project will also include high-visibility crosswalks and special markings to guide people on bicycles through the Folsom and Essex intersection.
The estimated total cost of the project is $200,000 and the improvements made will require the removal of seven metered parking spaces on the south side of Folsom Street just east of 2nd Street.


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