Sunset Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Project Overview

Think Ahead campaign graphic

Over a five-year period between May 2006 and May 2011, there were a total of 222 reported pedestrian-related collisions in the Sunset District. Nine of those collisions resulted in pedestrian fatalities.

Motorists play a huge role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians. By always expecting that a person on foot may be crossing the street at any intersection, and by being prepared to stop to yield the right of way, motorists can help improve safety for all.

Driving at a slower speed not only gives a motorist more time to perceive and react to pedestrians in the roadway, it also helps increase a person’s chances of survival should they be struck by a vehicle.

Please think ahead. You could save a life.

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Project Details

In July 2012, the SFMTA was awarded a State Transportation Improvement Program Transportation Enhancements grant with matching Proposition K Local Transportation Sales Tax funds to update pedestrian countdown signals along Sunset Boulevard and to analyze pedestrian collisions in the Sunset District. As part of that grant, the SFMTA has also developed an outreach campaign based on the findings to help educate motorists and promote safe and responsible driving.

The “THINK AHEAD, SAVE A LIFE” campaign asks people are who are driving to think about who might be in the intersection ahead of them and think about what they can do to reduce the chance and severity of a collision.

Banners will go up throughout the Sunset District (Supervisorial District 4) with the “THINK AHEAD, SAVE A LIFE” slogan adjacent to an image of who might be in the intersection ahead. For the month of October 2013, safety advertisements will run in the Sunset Beacon and in Thursday editions of the Sing Tao Daily.

Using help from schools, merchants and community organizations in the area, foldaway totes with the safety message of “BE SAFE, BE VISIBLE” will be distributed to pedestrians in the area as a reminder of their responsibility as a roadway user.