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Safety is the SFMTA’s top priority and the agency is committed to doing all it can to safeguard the lives of people as they walk, bicycle, take transit and drive throughout the city.

In 2014, the SFMTA joined the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in adopting “Vision Zero”: a policy to eliminate all traffic deaths in San Francisco by 2024.

Vision Zero has set forth the following goals to be achieved by 2024:

  • Eliminate all traffic deaths
  • Reduce severe and fatal injury inequities across neighborhoods, transportation modes, and populations

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Project Details

Vision Zero is San Francisco’s policy commitment to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities by 2024.

The frequency of traffic fatalities in the City of San Francisco constitutes a public health crisis.

Over 200 people a year are severely injured or killed in traffic collisions on San Francisco streets. Each year alone, on average at least 800 people are injured and 100 severely injured or killed while walking in San Francisco. Our vulnerable populations—including seniors, low-income residents and people of color—are at especially high risk of injury from a traffic-related incident.

We believe all traffic fatalities are preventable. Through its policy commitment to achieving Vision Zero, San Francisco prioritizes the value human life and the importance of safeguarding people on our streets.

what IS Vision Zero?

First developed in Sweden in 1994, Vision Zero is guided by the principle that convenience to the users of a city or nation’s roadways should never take precedence over human life. The Vision Zero policy approach maintains that human error is inevitable and that the transportation system should be designed such that the consequence of error is not severe injury or death. It is grounded in the principle that traffic deaths are preventable and that preserving human life is the highest priority.

First put forth by the Board of Supervisors, the Vision Zero policy has been embraced by the City with several agency boards and commissions formally adopting the policy. San Francisco is one of three cities to have adopted a Vision Zero policy. Achieving zero requires leadership and commitment from city agencies and decision makers, as well as community stakeholders, the public and the private sector to find the right solutions for San Francisco.

Working to Achieve Zero

San Francisco’s Vision Zero approach relies on a combination of five focus areas: engineering, education, enforcement, evaluation and policy to create a transportation system that is safe for all road users, for all modes of transportation, in all communities, and for people of all ages and abilities. 

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