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K Owl

Service Frequencies 

This route runs in the early morning on the weekends, until the subway opens.
Please check the schedule for more detailed information.

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Inbound to Downtown
Outbound to Balboa Park

The K-OWL provides irregular service in conjunction with the regular L-OWL and the irregular M-OWL. A transfer at West Portal to or from one of these other lines may be necessary to continue your trip between Downtown and outlying areas. The K-OWL is a local with a short express section.

Before 1 a.m., Weekend Morning (After 5 a.m.)


San Jose Avenue and Geneva (Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART) via San Jose Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Junipero Serra, West Portal Avenue to West Portal station, then via West Portal Avenue, Vicente, Portola, Laguna Honda to Forest Hill station, then Woodside, Portola, Market (surface) (uses island stops before Fremont, one curb stop after), Steuart to Ferries.

Express Area: Between West Portal station and Castro station stops only at Forest Hill Station.


Steuart, Market (surface) (uses island stops), Portola, Woodside, Laguna Honda to Forest Hill station, Laguna Honda, Portola, Claremont, Ulloa (West Portal station), West Portal Avenue, Junipero Serra, Ocean Avenue, San Jose Avenue to Geneva (Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART).

Express area: Between Castro station and Forest Hill station stops only at Forest Hill Station.