37 CORBETT Outbound to Twin Peaks Saturday Service

37 CORBETT - Outbound to Twin Peaks - Presidents' Day
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Masonic Ave
& Haight St
14th St
& Church St
Market St
& 17th St
Portola Dr
& Burnett Ave
Parkridge Dr
& Burnett Ave
9:02 am9:16 am9:20 am9:28 am9:33 am
9:32 am9:46 am9:50 am9:58 am10:03 am
10:02 am10:16 am10:20 am10:28 am10:33 am
10:32 am10:46 am10:50 am10:58 am11:03 am
11:02 am11:16 am11:20 am11:28 am11:33 am
11:32 am11:46 am11:50 am11:58 am12:03 pm
12:02 pm12:16 pm12:20 pm12:28 pm12:33 pm
12:32 pm12:46 pm12:50 pm12:58 pm1:03 pm
1:02 pm1:17 pm1:21 pm1:29 pm1:34 pm
1:32 pm1:47 pm1:51 pm1:59 pm2:04 pm
2:02 pm2:17 pm2:21 pm2:29 pm2:34 pm
2:32 pm2:47 pm2:51 pm2:59 pm3:04 pm
3:02 pm3:17 pm3:21 pm3:29 pm3:34 pm
3:32 pm3:47 pm3:51 pm3:59 pm4:04 pm
4:02 pm4:17 pm4:21 pm4:29 pm4:34 pm
4:32 pm4:47 pm4:51 pm4:59 pm5:04 pm
5:02 pm5:17 pm5:21 pm5:29 pm5:34 pm
5:32 pm5:47 pm5:51 pm5:59 pm6:04 pm
6:02 pm6:17 pm6:21 pm6:29 pm6:34 pm
6:32 pm6:47 pm6:51 pm6:59 pm7:04 pm
7:02 pm7:16 pm7:20 pm7:28 pm7:33 pm
7:32 pm7:46 pm7:50 pm7:58 pm8:03 pm
8:02 pm8:16 pm8:20 pm8:28 pm8:33 pm
8:32 pm8:46 pm8:50 pm8:58 pm9:03 pm
9:02 pm9:16 pm9:20 pm9:28 pm9:33 pm
9:32 pm9:46 pm9:50 pm9:58 pm10:03 pm
10:02 pm10:16 pm10:20 pm10:28 pm10:33 pm