FINAL UPDATE: Delay at Van Ness has cleared. Incident #NJudah was removed from service. IB #subwaysvc is resuming. (More: 11 in last 48 hours)

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4th & King Construction Affecting N Judah, KT Ingleside-Third Street Service: May 28-30, 2022

Temporary, from the start of service Saturday, May 28 through the end of service Monday, May 30.

Service Affected
Weekend Traffic and Transit Advisory
Route(s) Affected
Note: As of January 7, 2023, the K Ingleside and T Third are no longer combined. The K Ingleside continues to run between Balboa Park and Embarcadero stations. The T Third runs between Sunnydale and Chinatown-Rose Pak Station via Central Subway. 

Starting on Saturday, May 28 and lasting through the end of service Monday, May 30, essential construction work critical to connecting the Central Subway to the rest of the Muni Metro rail system will occur at the intersection of 4th Street and King Street. This work will require modified N Judah and K Ingleside rail service as well as bus substitutions for the T Third Street Line.

K Ingleside & N Judah Rail Switchbacks

From the start of service on Saturday morning, Eastbound/Inbound K Ingleside and N Judah trains will switchback after servicing Embarcadero station to begin their Westbound/Outbound trips. The modified routes and T Third bus substitution will be in effect from the start of service Saturday until the end of rail service at midnight on Monday, May 30.

Eastbound/inbound N Judah passengers traveling past Embarcadero station toward Caltrain and KT Ingleside-Third passengers traveling toward Sunnydale should transfer from the subway at Embarcadero station to a T Third bus shuttle on the surface on Market Street. 
Westbound/outbound N Judah passengers traveling from Caltrain toward Ocean Beach and K/T Ingleside-Third passengers traveling from Sunnydale toward Balboa Park should ride the T Third Bus to Embarcadero Station and transfer to the subway.

T Third Street Bus Substitution

All day Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day), bus shuttles will provide service for the T Third Street Line between Market & First St. and Visitacion Ave. & Bayshore Blvd.

Destination First Stop Last Stop
To Downtown Bayshore & Visitacion Sutter & Sansome
To Sunnydale Market & 1st Visitacion & Bayshore


Destination Stop Locations
To Downtown
  • Bayshore Boulevard curbside stops from Visitacion to Hester
  • 3rd Street curbside stops from Le Conte to Mission Rock
  • 4th & King curbside stop
  • Embarcadero curbside stops at 2nd, Brannan (mid-block), and Folsom
  • Steuart & Market curbside
  • Market & Drumm, curbside
  • Market Street island stops from Battery to 1st
  • Sutter & Sansome (last stop)
To Sunnydale
  • Market Street island stops from Montgomery to 1st
  • Market Street curbside stops from Beale to Steuart
  • Embarcadero curbside stops at Folsom, Townsend (mid-block), and 2nd
  • 4th & King curbside
  • 3rd Street curbside stops from Mission Rock to Salinas Ave.
  • Bayshore Boulevard curbside stops from Tunnel to Arleta
  • Visitacion & Bayshore (last stop)