Chief Strategy Office

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Office of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)


The Office of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) oversees a division responsible for implementing agency-wide strategies and programs to meet the SFMTA's key policy objectives. In collaboration with the SFMTA Executive Team, the CSO division advances agency-wide strategy execution, leads major program design and management, analyzes strategic risks and opportunities, and leads business process improvement initiatives to enhance agency government operations. The CSO division also coordinates and works with other departments and agencies of the City and County of San Francisco, transportation, and mobility partners, as well as other public and policy groups, to support the SFMTA's initiatives and advance priority policy objectives. 


Our Responsibilities 

The Office of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) includes various units and sections that function to support the operations of the SFMTA. 

SFMTA Project Management Office (PMO) 

SFMTA Building Progress Program 

Design Strategy and Delivery Section 

Government Operations Section 

Shelter and Platform Maintenance Section 

Facilities and Real Property Management Section 



Transportation 2050

National Transit Adaptation Strategy

Building Progress Program

Potrero Yard Modernization

Presidio Yard Modernization 

Castro Street Accessibility Improvements


Additional Information/Services

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Wireless Facility Policy

Facilities Framework (2017)

Real Estate and Facilities Vision for the 21st Century

Request New Transit Shelters

Request Transit Shelter Maintenance




Design Strategy and Delivery

General Description The CSO Design Strategy and Delivery Section employs a collaborative, data-driven, and iterative human-centered design process. Leading and supporting mission-critical internal and external work streams and projects, the team...

Facilities and Real Property Management

General Description The Facilities and Real Property Management Section is responsible for creating and maintaining innovative spaces including buildings, grounds and workplaces that support delivering excellent transportation choices for San...

Government Operations

General Description The CSO Government Operations Section promotes efficient SFMTA government operations by developing, coordinating, and implementing policy effectively. The team encourages efficiency and process improvements through research...

Project Management Office (PMO)

SFMTA Project Management Office The SFMTA Project Management Office (PMO) supports the effective execution of all SFMTA projects, by maintaining a shared project culture, agency-wide and uniform process, and defining metrics for the SFMTA’s complete...

Security & Investigations

Security, Investigations and Enforcement (SIE) provides all security, fare enforcement, and investigative services for the SFMTA, including: Proof of Payment Unit – Conducts inspections for fare compliance on all SFMTA vehicles, bus stops, rail...

Shelter and Platform Maintenance

General Description The CSO Shelter & Platform Maintenance Section oversees the maintenance of bus shelters and rail platforms, advertising and revenue generation from SFMTA assets. The service is managed as an enterprise public-private partnership...

Lisa Ising

Superintendent - Shelter & Platform Maintenance