UPDATE: IB #KIngleside & #MOceanView trains experiencing residual delays & svc gaps due to delay @ San Jose/Geneva; https://t.co/Nuzcq7RM5c (More: 35 in last 48 hours)

Financial Services

Financial Services reports to the Finance & Information Technology Division (FIT)

Our responsibilities

  • Oversight of Non-Revenue Vehicle Fleet Program, including Healthy Air and Clean Transportation Ordinance Enforcement, Vehicle-on-Demand Program, and GPS and Fleet Cycle Program
  • Parking Citation Processing and Support Services Agreement
  • Special Collection Services Agreement
  • Towing, storage and disposal of abandoned and illegally parking vehicles
  • Parking Meter Coin Collection/Counting and Related Services
  • Parking Meter and Parking Paystation Procurement and Operations
  • Pay-by-Phone – Parking meter payment option
  • Management of SFpark data warehouse
  • Monitoring of Agency-Wide Payment Card Industry Compliance
  • Development Agreement Monitoring – Tracking Development Agreements and Commitments (e.g., Parkmerced, Treasure Island, CPMC)
  • FIT Division Administration and Hiring/Employment Coordination
  • Agency-wide Document Digitization and Establishment of a Digital Document Library
  • Oversight of BART Agreements (e.g. FastPass®, Feeder, and Joint-Use Station Maintenance)
  • Establish and Monitor MOUs and Work Authorizations for Services with other City Departments