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The Parking and Curb Management group oversees 38 off-street parking facilities, with more than 15,000 total spaces and the policy for 28,000 on-street meters and the Residential Parking Program (RPP). Many of the garages offer various services and amenities, including valet, car sharing, electric scooter sharing, special discounted carpool rates, merchant validation, shuttle programs, electric vehicle chargers, secured bicycle parking and more. Parking policies and programs administered by the Parking team include neighborhood-specific parking plans, the Residential Permit Parking Reform Project, the Vehicle Sharing Program and SFpark all of which support the City’s Transit First policy, the Agency’s strategic goals and help reduce traffic congestion on City streets. Since 2011, the city’s signature parking policy, SFpark, has used demand-responsive parking rates to improve parking conditions to many neighborhoods. In 2017, the Parking subdivision extended SFpark / Demand Responsive pricing to all on-street meters, off-street lots and garages.

On-Street Parking Services

Off-Street Parking Services