Taken with Transportation Podcast

Welcome to Taken with Transportation, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's official podcast. Hop along for the ride as we cover everything from the city’s streets to the inner workings of the SFMTA. These stories offer insight and perspectives you won’t get anywhere else. We’re passionate about the work we do and want to share that passion and commitment with you. 

About the host

Melissa Culross comes to the SFMTA from the broadcasting industry. She spent three decades on the air at radio stations in New England and here in the Bay Area. Melissa also has been a regular San Francisco public transit rider since moving to the city in the 1990s. 

Episode Transcripts

About Town with Our CFO

A Safe and Fun School Commute

Keeping the Vision

Paint, Paper, Metal and Machines

How to Muni

Breaking Glass Ceilings Halfway to the Stars

Celebrating Culture and Community on a Cable Car

More Than a Meter Maid

School Days

Transit Month on Muni

Connecting Community to Transit

Stop and Go

Happy Birthday to a San Francisco Treasure

Bringing Everyone on Board

Cleanliness Is Next to...Comfort and Safety

Welcome Aboard!