Solicitud de Permiso RPP de Residente Permanente y Negocios

Fill out the appropriate application below if you are a permanent resident or a business owner in an Residential Parking Permit (RPP) zone. Each residential address may purchase up to four permits, with the exception of areas AA and EE which are limited to two.

If you are active military personnel and your vehicle is registered to another address, please provide proof of active military assignment.  Proof of residency and current registration are also required.

If you are a full-time student at a higher education institution within San Francisco and your vehicle is registered to another addressor, please provide certification from your registrar’s office of current full-time student enrollment (a student ID is not sufficient). Proof of residency, such as a current rental agreement (signed within the last 3 months), and current California vehicle registration are also required (the address on the registration may be an address outside of San Francisco, but must be a California address).

Residents who are assigned a company/business vehicle for exclusive use must provide a copy of the current California vehicle registration in the name of the business or vehicle leasing company and an employment/vehicle assignment verification letter from the company the vehicle is registered to, in addition to proof of residency. Sub leases not accepted.

If you have recently purchased your vehicle and haven't received a new license plate you must provide a completed application, proof of residency, and your Temporary DMV Registration or purchase agreement.

Each household is eligible for up to four permits, with the exception of areas AA and EE, which are restricted to one permit per driver and up to two permits per household.