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Residential Parking Permits (RPP)

residential parking permit sign in potrero hill
Drive & Park
Business Permit
Residential Parking Permit

To Renew your Account – Apply online using the Account and PIN number provided on the renewal notice you received in the mail.

New/Temporary Permits - Apply online for new or temporary permits. 

All parking citations must be paid before a permit can be issued. Research outstanding citations on your vehicle(s) here


Who Qualifies:

Permanent Residents

If you live in a residential parking permit area, a residential permit will exempt you from the posted time limit. Each address may purchase up to four permits, with the exception of areas AA and EE which are limited to two. Click here for more information about the qualification requirements.

Apply for your Permit Online


Apply by mail - complete the application below:
PDF icon Residential Parking Permit Application
PDF icon 住宅小區停車許可證申請
PDF icon Solicitud de Permiso de Estacionamiento Residencial

Required documentation is listed on the application and on the requirements page.

New or Short-Term Residents and Visitors

Recently moved or need to update your vehicle registration with the DMV? Temporary permits are available. These may also be used for rental cars or visitors. One day and weekly permits can be purchased in advance of use. Each address may purchase up to 20 one day permits and a cumulative of 32 weeks of weekly permits per calendar year.

One Day Permits set to expire on December 31, 2020 will be valid through June 30, 2021.

Apply for your Permit Online 


Apply by mail - complete the application below:
PDF icon Short-Term Residential Parking Permit
PDF icon Permiso de Estacionamiento Residencial de Corto Plazo
PDF icon 短期住戶停車證

Required documentation is listed on the application and on the requirements page.

Business Owners

If you own a business in a residential parking permit area, a residential permit will exempt you from the posted time limit. Businesses may obtain one parking permit for a personal vehicle per postal address and up to three permits for delivery vehicles with commercial license plates. 

Shared office space with one common street entry is considered one business address. Only one Business Permit will be issued to those types of buildings, not one permit per business.

Apply for your Permit Online 


Apply by mail - complete the application below:

PDF icon Residential Parking Permit Application
PDF icon 住宅小區停車許可證申請
PDF icon Solicitud de Permiso de Estacionamiento Residencial

Required documentation is listed on the application and on the requirements page.

Medical and Child Caregivers

For residents who require home health care service, in home child care, or the employees of family childcare homes. One transferable parking permit for use by up to three license plates. 

Families providing proof of SFUSD Bus Paraprofessional Assignments living in an RPP area can receive a fully transferable Caregiver permit. 
Please send your application (there's no need to complete the license plate portion of the application as this permit can be shared amongst multiple vehicles), proof of address, and SFUSD Paraprofessional letter by mail. Contact SFUSD to receive this letter. 

Apply for your Permit Online - you will need to complete and upload the applicable affidavit application and affidavit below. 

Apply by mail - complete the application below
PDF icon Caregiver Application
PDF icon Medical Affidavit
PDF icon Childcare Affidavit

Required documentation is listed on the application and on the requirements page.


Administrators of child care centers, pre-schools and K-12 schools located within Residential Permit Parking Areas may submit the required documentation to SFMTA Parking Department at RPPforSFTeachers@sfmta.com

Requirements for obtaining educational institution permits:
· Written request made on school letterhead that indicates the number of certificated teachers regularly employed at the school and the street address of the school
· For private K-12 schools, attach the current academic year Private School Affidavit, indicating the number of teachers employed at the school
· For private child care centers and pre-schools, attach current year LIC 500 or Personnel Report and current license

The number of permits each school is eligible for is dependent on the number of teachers regularly employed at the school and the number of un-restricted (no color curb or other restrictions) parking spaces available along the school’s street frontage. The Parking Team will make this assessment and inform the school of next steps for applying for permits.
Permits expire September 30th of each year.


Residential parking permits for foreign diplomats residing in a consulate within a residential parking permit area. Permits are exclusively for consulate employees utilizing vehicles registered at the permit address. Vehicles with Diplomat or Consular plates issued by the U.S. State Department do not require a permit as they are exempt from residential parking area restrictions. Please call the SFMTA Customer Service at 415.701.3000 to speak with a customer service representative for more information on the requirements for this permit.

Active Military and Students

Permits are available for active military personnel on assignment and full time students enrolled at a higher education institution with San Francisco.

If you are a full-time student at a higher education institution within San Francisco and your vehicle is registered to another addressor, please provide certification from your registrar’s office of current full-time student enrollment (a student ID is not sufficient). Proof of residency, such as a current rental agreement (signed within the last 3 months), and current California vehicle registration are also required (the address on the registration may be an address outside of San Francisco, but must be a California address).

Apply for your Permit Online 

Visit the application information page or call the SFMTA Customer Service at 415.701.3000 for more information on the requirements for these permits.

Find Out More About Residential Parking Permit Areas

You can use the interactive map  to see if Residential Parking Permit regulations exist on your block. If you have difficulty using the interactive map, you can view this version or contact 311 (or 415.701.2311 outside of San Francisco) for assistance.

Residential Parking Permit Fees

Passenger Vehicle:

$152 Annual Fee   
$75 if permit area expires in less than six months  

$113 Annual Fee  
$57 if permit area expires in less than six months 

Shared Electric Mopeds:
Shared electric mopeds (such as those operated by Revel) bearing a Shared Electric Moped Parking Permit are exempt from RPP time limits.

Apply for a Permit

  1. Complete the applicable application above. See below for permit expiration dates. 

  2. Proof of residency: A copy of the current vehicle insurance policy with the applicant’s name and permit address.
    Insurance policy may be shown in hard copy or on a phone app.

  3. California Vehicle registration: Registration must have the applicant's name and address where the permit is to be issued.

Applications may be submitted online, in person, or by mail to the SFMTA Customer Service Center at 11 South Van Ness Avenue, open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please ensure you have the proper documentation prior to submitting your application by mail or appearing at the SFMTA Customer Service Center. No parking permits will be issued to any vehicle with delinquent parking citations or an expired vehicle registration.

Residential Parking Permits are not available for any vehicle with a gross weight in excess of 6,000 pounds, or any trailer, trailer coach, utility trailer, or any other type of vehicle as defined in the California Vehicle Code, whether separate from or attached to a motor vehicle displaying a Residential Parking Permit.

Permit Placement and Removal

Passenger Vehicles: Apply permit to left rear bumper or lower left rear window (outside only) so decal is visible from rear of vehicle. Decal may not be affixed to the inside of the window or with glue, tape or any other temporary means. Improperly displayed permits will be considered invalid and vehicle will be cited for overtime parking.

Motorcycles: Apply permit to rear fender.

Permits can be removed used glue removers and/or plastic scraper.

Permit Expiration Dates



Limit Four (4) Permits Per Address

A maximum of four active annual residential permits may be issued to a single address in all areas with the exception of AA and EE.

Areas AA and EE are limited to one permit per driver and a total of up to two permits per household. Each driver must be listed on the vehicle's insurance policy.

In special circumstances, you may request a waiver to this limit. Waivers for additional permits will be granted if there is available parking in the area and if there is an additional driver at the address. Each permit issued over the area limit is subject to being charged double the cost of an RPP permit. 

To request a waiver, send a written request to:

SFMTA Customer Service Center
11 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103

Please include all relevant vehicle information and the reason you are requesting additional permits in your letter, and allow 10 business days for the SFMTA to review your request. Reasonable accommodations are considered.

Permit for a New Car

If you have purchased a new or used car and do not yet have license plates you can still apply for an annual permit. To apply, please submit the following documents by mail or in person to the SFMTA Customer Service Center at 11 South Van Ness Avenue, open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  1. Completed application (available at the top of this page)

  2. Proof of Vehicle Purchase – Purchase agreement or Temporary Registration with VIN (vehicle should be purchased in California)

  3. Proof of Residency (please see above for requirements regarding insurance and California registration)

You will be first issued a temporary permit. Once you have received your permanent plates and vehicle registration email the copy of vehicle registration to vintoplate@sfmta.com and we will send you an annual sticker. Please do not affix your vehicle license plate until you receive the annual sticker.

Changing Addresses - Moving to a New Zone

If you are moving from one RPP zone to another you will need to purchase a new permit, not a transfer, for that area. The first step in applying is to update your vehicle registration and insurance to your new address. You can update your vehicle registration online via the DMV. Once this is complete, please complete the application above. Note: Changes made online are subject to verification.

Driveway Parking

Residents may block their own driveway by parking parallel to the curb or street, only if the vehicle’s license plate is registered to the building’s address, and if the building has two or fewer units. If the vehicle fits within the curb space then you do not need a parking permit, however, if any portion of your vehicle crosses the curb space then you need a permit. 

More information on how to park legally

License Plate Recognition Enforcement

Changes Beginning March 1, 2021:
Over the next 12 months, SFMTA will transition our RPP Area enforcement to License Plate Recognition (LPR). With LPR technology, enforcement vehicles read license plate numbers as they drive through neighborhoods, checking in real time if vehicles have a permit. Any vehicle without a permit is flagged by the LPR system. A Parking Control Officer will verify that a vehicle has violated the parking rules before issuing a citation.

By early Spring 2022, SFMTA will no longer issue physical sticker permits. Instead, all standard RPP permits will be assigned to vehicle license plates virtually. Caregiver, City Business, Contractor, Short Term, and Teacher permits will continue to be physical permits. 

Privacy Protections

SFMTA policies regarding the use of LPR technology for parking enforcement is in full compliance with state and local laws on the use of surveillance technology. All images obtained through the LPR system, with the exception of those associated with a violation, are automatically purged after seven days. Images associated with a violation will be purged after 365 days. Access to images will be limited to authorized vendor support staff and SFMTA employees for the purpose of citation processing, payment and review.