Muni Alerts

4 hours 38 minutes ago

FINAL UPDATE: Delay at Mission and 8th has cleared. IB 14 & 14R are resuming regular service.

5 hours 11 minutes ago

ATTN: IB/OB 14 & 14R blocked at Mission and 8th by a non-Muni collision. Expect delays and reroutes.

7 hours 43 minutes ago

UPDATE: OB 67 will reroute via Folsom to IB route. Stops along Ellsworth will be missed.

7 hours 43 minutes ago

FINAL UPDATE: Delay at Crescent and Folsom has cleared. The 23 & 67 resuming regular service in both directions.

8 hours 3 minutes ago

UPDATE: 23 & 67 will reroute via Andover btwn Crescent and Cortland in both directions.

8 hours 9 minutes ago

FINAL UPDATE: Delay near Northridge and Dormitory has cleared. 15 and 54 resuming regular service.

8 hours 10 minutes ago

ATTN: The 23 & 64 blocked at Crescent and Folsom by emergency vehicles. Expect delays and possible reroutes.

9 hours 29 minutes ago

FINAL UPDATE: Overhead wire issue on California btwn Broderick and Presidio has been resolved.

9 hours 29 minutes ago

ATTN: 15 and 54 blocked near Northridge and Dormitory by #SFPD activity. The 15 & 54 will reroute via Ingalls. Stops btwn Ingalls and Donoahue will be missed.

10 hours 32 minutes ago

FINAL UPDATE: Delay on Folsom btwn 16th and 17th has cleared. OB 12 resuming regular service.

10 hours 50 minutes ago

ATTN: OB 12 blocked on Folsom btwn 16th & 17th by #SFPD activity. OB 12 will reroute via 16th to Harrison to 17th back to Folsom.

11 hours 13 minutes ago

FINAL UPDATE: Delay at Van Ness is clearing. OB #subwaysvc is resuming. Expect slow moving moving svc from Embarcadero to Van Ness.

11 hours 16 minutes ago

ATTN: OB #subwaysvc delayed at Van Ness due to a train mecahnical issue. We are working to clear.

12 hours 22 minutes ago

ATTN: Report of downed overhead wire on California btwn Broderick and Presidio. IB/OB 1 may see delays and possible reroute.

16 hours 46 minutes ago

FINAL UPDATE: Fire department activity has cleared. The OB 49 Van Ness/Mission has resumed regular routing. 

16 hours 47 minutes ago

UPDATE: OB 49 rerouting via O'Farrell-Polk-Eddy-Van Ness to regular route. Missed Stop: VN/Eddy Board: Van Ness/O'Farrell

17 hours 42 minutes ago

ATTN: OB 49 Van Ness/Mission rerouting around Van Ness/Eddy due to fire dept. activity. Will update once reroute is finalized.

17 hours 48 minutes ago

FINAL UPDATE: IB #JChurch is resuming service. Residual service gaps may be possible, temporarily, as we work to balance line service. 

17 hours 51 minutes ago
ATTN: IB #JChurch delayed at Church/Liberty due to a stalled #FMarket streetcar. Working to clear.
Will update.
1 day 8 hours ago

FINAL UPDATE: Second coach is back in service on the 67.