UPDATE: Construction work at Beverly and Holloway has cleared. The OB 29 has resumed regular service. https://t.co/JHmU58OKGO (More: 6 in last 48 hours)

19th Avenue/M Ocean View Project Meetings Under Way, Meeting Materials Available Online

Presentation under way at 19th Avenue/M Ocean View meeting, February 4, 2016

Thank you to all who joined us at last night’s meeting! We had a great turn-out and appreciate the thoughtful feedback provided. Three more opportunities to hear a project update are upcoming:

We have made the meeting boards, presentation, and fact sheet available on the 19th Avenue/M Ocean View Project website. The boards are divided into four categories, each of which provide more information : 

  1. Engineering— the studies that led to us creating the new alternative and areas where a community design process would be sought in a later phase
  2. Rail— proposed layout of the M Ocean View route, new stops and stations
  3. Street— Illustrations of the proposed 19th Avenue re-design to provide safety and quality of life improvements
  4. Miscellaneous— comparing the alternatives, implementation considerations, improvements coming over the next two years

One of the most important parts of these meetings is getting your feedback. Questionnaires and a comment board will be a feature at every meeting to share your feedback with us. An online questionnaire will also be made available next week.  We will share a draft outreach summary in March for your review to make sure we heard your feedback correctly. 

Thank you!