HeadsUp: From the start of svc tomorrow until Thursday evening: ➡️Bus shuttles will provide Cal Cable Car Line svc ➡️IB Hyde & Mason cable cars will switchback at Washington & Powell with bus shuttle support ➡️IB/OB 1 will have a reroute ➡️ Webpage with svc details being updated (More: 14 in last 48 hours)

Federal Construction Reports Disclaimer

Third Party Disclaimer

Reports in this section and all subsidiary reports are prepared solely for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). These reports should not be relied upon by any party except the FTA or the Project Sponsor, in accordance with the purposes as described below. For projects funded through the FTA Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) program, the FTA and its Project Management Oversight Contractor (PMOC) use a risk-based assessment process to review and validate a Project Sponsor’s budget and schedule. This risk-based assessment process is a tool for analyzing project development and management. Moreover, the assessment process is iterative in nature; any results of an FTA or PMOC risk-based assessment represent a snapshot in time for a particular project under the conditions known at that same point in time. The status of any assessment may be altered at any time by new information, changes in circumstances or further developments in the project; including any specific measures a Project Sponsor may take to mitigate the risks to project costs, budget and schedule, or the strategy a Project Sponsor may develop for project execution. Therefore, the information in the monthly reports will change from month to month, based on relevant factors for the month and/or previous months.