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Potential New Revenue Sources

With these new sources, we can fund nearly 2/3 of our vision for San Francisco over 30-years. ​
Transportation Special Tax Dedicated tax for transportation, providing a predictable stable source for transit service and maintenance. May be bonded against for near-term capital infrastructure investment, reducing long-term maintenance.​
Parking Tax Increase existing San Francisco Parking Tax with opportunities to reform or modify for transportation infrastructure, transit service, and maintenance.​
CCSF General Obligation Bond Program The SFMTA as part of the City GO Bond Program has allowed for critical infrastructure investment, safety improvements, and transit reliability investments – reducing the cost of operations and long-term maintenance.​
Federal Grants The current proposed bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill provides opportunities for increased Federal support for up to 5-years for transportation infrastructure and maintenance campaigns.​
State Grants The current State budget designates significant additional dollars to transportation available through grants for transportation infrastructure.​
Development Revenue The development of SFMTA properties provides significant long-term opportunities to produce revenues that can go directly toward transportation infrastructure, transit service and maintenance.​

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