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L Taraval Improvement Forecast and Project Segment B Update  November 20 - December 2, 2023

In observance of Thanksgiving there will be no construction activity from Thursday, November 23 thru Sunday, November 26, 2023
Rail pull scheduled Monday, November 20, from Wawona Street to Taraval Street for installation between 15th and 16th avenues.
Service Affected
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L Taraval Improvement Project Segment B Update - November 20 – December 2, 2023

In the coming weeks, the holiday construction moratorium will be observed in the commercial area of Taraval Street between 16th and 33rd avenues. The moratorium is an opportunity for residents and merchants to engage during the holidays without construction activity. Residential areas are not included in the construction moratorium.

Track work continues with rail installation, and curb ramp work continues with demolition and grading areas in preparation for upgrading boarding ramps. Underground conduit work is being performed to power the streetlights and OCS poles. Water and sewer line work continues, adding conduits and connections. Street lights, boarding ramps, ADA compliant curb ramps, boarding islands and OCS work continues along this busy corridor. Construction teams will be excavating and jackhammering pavement, which may cause vibrations. Materials are also being temporarily staged nearby. Dust control and housekeeping measures are in place at active construction and staging locations.

Overnight work

Overhead contact system (OCS) pole, overhead wiring and permanent pole placement will be performed along the L Taraval line from Ulloa and Funston to Taraval and Sunset between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. and is expected to be completed June 2024. Work on any given block will vary and is expected to take a few hours to a few days per location.

There will be no overnight work between November 22nd through 26th. Work is expected to resume on Monday, November 27th 10 pm to 5 am.  

The holiday construction moratorium will be observed from Thanksgiving Day until January 1, 2024. No construction activities will be performed on commercial blocks along Taraval from

Sunset to 16th Avenues between 7 am and 10 pm.

Please note the following impacts to travel during track work: 

  • By car: Taraval Street will be open to through traffic traveling east- and westbound, however, vehicles approaching areas with active track installation will only be able to access Taraval Street by making right turns. At times, traffic may be stopped briefly to allow large machinery to perform work. Please allow extra travel time.
  • By bus: The L Bus may be rerouted around the construction area when heavy equipment is present.
  • On foot: Pedestrians will be able to cross Taraval Street in the construction area at 18th Avenue via a pedestrian access during non-construction hours and weekends.

General construction hours are Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Construction schedules are subject to change. “No Parking” signs will be posted in construction and staging areas, and intersections may be closed to through traffic on Taraval Street.

*Please be advised that the construction schedule may be impacted by material availability and coordination between agencies.

Multiple agencies are performing infrastructure work in the area. This includes work by Public Works on 19th Avenue, Public Utilities Commission at Vicente and Wawona streets and PG&E along Taraval Street.

L Taraval Improvement Project – Segment B

Construction work is scheduled to be performed – November 18 – December 2, 2023

Taraval Street

  • 14th Avenue to Ulloa: Waterline work, excavate, hydraulic testing, water line connection (possible service disruption, notice will be distributed)
  • 15th Avenue between Ulloa and Taraval and intersection: Track work, thermite welding, construct curved track (anticipated start December 4) (rail pull anticipated December 11)
  • 15th to 16th avenues: track area, demolish and remove old rails, remove and grade trackway, install rails rail pull planned November 20 from Wawona staging area
  • 19th to 22nd avenues: Track area (anticipated start moved to January 2024)
  • 19th to 35th avenues: OCS prep work for installation, removing and reconstructing existing poles, night work(no work from November 22 – 26)
  • 20th, 30th , 33rd avenues: Water line work, excavate and back fill, perform water connection transfers (possible disruptions to water service – notices will be distributed)

Ulloa Street

  • Funston to 14th Avenue: Sewer line work
  • 14th to 15th avenues: Track work both sides, demolish and remove rails, remove and grade trackway, prepare and pour track slabs and foundation (anticipated to begin December 4)

15th Avenue

  • 15th avenues between Taraval and Ulloa Streets: Track work, including curve

Wawona Street

  • 21st to 23rd avenues: Assembled rail stored until installation

Temporary staging locations

  • Taraval Street between 12th and 14th avenues: store and weld rails for installation for the curve work at 15th Avenue through (December 4)
  • Ulloa Street south side from 15th to 16th avenues
  • 14th Avenue west side from Ulloa to Taraval streets
  • 16th Avenue west side from Taraval to Ulloa streets (thru November 22)
  • 22nd Avenue west side from Taraval to Santiago streets (thru November 22)

Temporary bus stop changes

  • The inbound bus stop at Taraval and 15th has been relocated across the intersection until fall 2024.

The following 48 Quintara/24th Street bus stops will be relocated during construction November 20-21:

Inbound 48 Quintara

  • 14th and Ulloa to Ulloa and Forestside, southwest corner

Outbound 48 Quintara

  • Ulloa and Lenox to West Portal and Ulloa, southeast corner
  • 14th and Ulloa to Taraval and 14th, northeast corner
  • 14th and Taraval to Taraval and 14th, northeast corner

The following L Taraval bus stops will be relocated during construction through November 22:

The bus will reroute off Taraval between 35th and 25th avenues and between 17th and West Portal avenues

Inbound L Taraval / L Special / L Owl

  • Taraval and 15th to 14th and Taraval, northwest corner (Extended to December 4)
  • Taraval and 17th to Taraval and 17th, northeast corner (Extended to December 4)
  • Taraval and 26th to Ulloa and 26th, southwest corner
  • Taraval and 30th to 30th and Taraval, northwest corner at the 66 Quintara stop
  • Taraval and 32nd to Santiago and 32nd, southwest corner

Outbound L Taraval / L Special / L Owl

  • Ulloa and Forest Side to Ulloa and Lenox, northwest corner (Extended to December 4)
  • 15th and Taraval to 17th and Taraval, southeast corner (Extended to December 4)
  • Taraval and 19th to Taraval and 19th, curb lane
  • Taraval and 23rd to Taraval and 23rd, northeast corner
  • Taraval and 26th to Ulloa and 26th, northeast corner
  • Taraval and 30th to 30th Avenue and Taraval, southeast corner
  • Taraval and 32nd to Santiago and 32nd, northeast corner

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Supporting businesses on Taraval

We continue to support small businesses in the area with current and planned marketing campaigns to support the merchants during construction to drive business to the community:Ad on bus Parkside and Outer Sunset

  • The SFMTA Go Local campaign to promote ridership on Muni to merchant commercial corridors, with on-bus ads, bus shelter ads and social media planned to run between October and December, 2023. The initial launch includes the commercial corridors in: Chinatown, Castro and Parkside-Outer Sunset. 
  • The Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), in partnership with Shop Dine SF, are creating a landing page on the Shop Dine SF website to highlight small businesses on Taraval.
  • A shop Taraval campaign, including holiday events, Taraval BINGO games and bus ad promotions planned for winter 2023/24. 

Business community resources

OEWD Announcements: Grants awarded up to $2,500 to bring Shared Spaces into compliance.

Shared Spaces Equity Grant for Design Compliance: 

Apply for a Shared Spaces equity grant for design compliance | San Francisco (