HeadsUp: Starting tomorrow, weekend 47 service will be suspended. Weekend 49 service will be extended to https://t.co/ksFT5m9dBp (More: 6 in last 24 hours)
Muni Metro Owl

L Owl

Service Frequencies

Please check the schedule for Owl availability.

Live Map


Inbound to Downtown and Fisherman's Wharf
Outbound to The Zoo
Service between 1:00 am and 5:00 am


46th Ave & Wawona to Steuart & Mission: Via Wawona, left on 46th, right on Taraval, right on 15th, left on Ulloa, left on Claremont, right on Dewey, right on Laguna Honda Blvd, left on Woodside, left on Portola, Upper Market, Market, right on Spear, left on Mission, left on Steuart to 31 terminal immediately after the F-Line right of way.


Steuart & Mission to 46th Ave & Wawona: Via Steuart, left on Market, Portola, right on Woodside, right on Laguna Honda, left on Dewey, left on Claremont, right on Ulloa, right on 15th, left on Taraval, left on 46th, right on Vicente, left on 47th, left on Wawona to terminal.