Transportation Safety

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Incident Investigations- Transportation Safety Specialists investigate SFMTA Safety Incidents and develop both Corrective Actions and Strategic Plans to eliminate hazards and improve the overall safety of our transit system, our passengers, and employees through reduction of incidents, injuries, and property damage

New Project Safety Certification- System Safety personnel working with project managers to Safety Certify new construction and vehicle procurements.  Safety Certification ensures that hazards associated with new project are resolved before revenue service and that state and federal regulatory mandates are met.

System and Configuration Changes are reviewed through and approved by the Change Control Board ensuring that there are no introduction of any new hazards and/or negative impacts to our transit system.  System Safety also manages document configuration control ensuring the standard operating procedures and similar documents meet regulatory requirements and industry standards before implementation.

Roadway Worker Protection Training for wayside workers, contractors, and outside agencies to improve safety around SFMTA’s rail system and prevent deaths and injuries of wayside workers.  Roadway Worker Protection provided by System Safety personnel complies with applicable state and federal regulations.

System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) and Safety Management System (SMS) System Safety personnel annually coordinate updating of the System Safety Program Plan, ensuring that all regulatory mandates are met and that SFMTA’s safety plan sets the standard for passenger and employee safety as well as regulatory compliance.  In the future when new federal regulations are finalized, System Safety personnel will assist SFMTA of moving to the Safety Management System (SMS) model and replace the SSPP with our first Transit Agency Safety Plan )TASP)

Internal Safety Audits Program conducted by System Safety personnel to verify that all elements of the SSPP and later the TASP are fully implemented and that each department is in compliance with the applicable internal and regulatory requirements

Compliance and Efficiency Testing –System Safety personnel through compliance and efficiency testing verify the performance of safety sensitive employees to the documented standard and regulatory requirements as found in the SSPP, applicable SOPs, and rule books.