Capital Improvement Program

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Explore Transportation Investments Across San Francisco: FY 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program

[Image: An SFMTA bus in front of the Golden Gate Bridge]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this dashboard?

This regularly updated dashboard offers a five-year look at the planned and ongoing capital projects the SFMTA is delivering. On this digital tool, you can find project locations, access budgets and schedules, and see datasets for projects in the Fiscal Year 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

What is the Capital Improvement Program?

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Fiscal Year 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a fiscally constrained, continually updated program of projects that the SFMTA plans to implement over the next five years. These projects aim to improve the safety, reliability, equity and efficiency of the transportation system for all San Francisco residents, workers and visitors.

What projects are included in this dashboard?

This dashboard includes all SFMTA capital projects funded through the FY2017-2021 CIP. It also includes many projects funded prior to FY 2017 that are still active. Some projects that received all funding prior to the FY 2017-2021 CIP are not included. Projects planned beyond FY 2021 are not included.

How do I read project schedules?

All start and end dates reflect the schedules approved by the SFMTA. Temporary accelerations and delays may not be reflected in the schedule.

In schedule data, Winter refers to the months of January through March, Spring refers to the months of April through June, Summer refers to the months of July through September and Fall refers to the months of October through December.

Project and phase start and finish dates before July 1, 2016 are recorded as "Before FY17."

How do I read project budgets?

The Capital Improvement Program describes when project funding is invested, not necessarily when it is spent.

Budgets include only the SFMTA portions of each project. Portions of project budgets before FY 2017 and after FY 2021 may be incomplete. The Capital Improvement Program is only meant to show funding within the five-year window of FY 2017-2021.

Rounding may cause slight variation in how budget sums are displayed.

In funding data, fiscal years begin the previous July and end in June (for example, FY 2017 runs from July 2016 to June 2017.).

How often is this dashboard updated?

This CIP dashboard is updated monthly. The latest update date can be found on the bottom right of the Introduction tab.

Where can I find more information on fund sources?

Here is a full CIP funding guide (PDF).

Where can I download this dashboard's data?

Click the link below to download the full dataset.

Download complete/accessible data for this metric