SFMTA Strategic Plan

San Francisco: great city, excellent transportation choices.

Mission Statement

The SFMTA plans, designs, builds, operates, regulates, and maintains one of the most diverse transportation networks in the world. In addition to the four modes of transportation (transit, walking, bicycling and driving, which includes private vehicles, taxis, carsharing, on-and off-street parking and commercial vehicles), the Agency directly oversees five transit modes (bus, trolley bus, light rail, historic streetcar, and cable car), in addition to overseeing paratransit service, which serves individuals unable to use fixed-route transit service.

 Core Values For the Transportation Network:

  • Transit First: Transit, walking, bicycling, taxi, carsharing, and ridesharing have the highest priority
  • Complete and Green Streets: Streets are designed and managed to be attractive, inviting public spaces for people
  • Green, Clean, and Quiet Mobility: Use the greenest, most efficient, and quietest technologies available
  • Social Equity and Access: Prioritize the most affordable and accessible modes

Core Values For Our Team:

  • Leadership: Realizing and implementing the vision to the fullest
  • Teamwork: Working together in partnership to provide excellent customer service
  • Integrity: Working with the highest standards of honesty and ethics
  • Accountability: Taking joint responsibility to set and meet or exceed the Agency’s goals
  • Effectiveness: Achieving results through collaboration and efficient use of resources
  • Respect: Holding those with and for whom we work in high esteem and regard

Strategic Goals:

The Strategic Plan’s four overarching goals will shape how the Agency prioritizes its attention, resources and staff over the next six fiscal years.

  1. Create a safer transportation experience for everyone.
  2. Make transit, walking, bicycling, taxi, ridesharing and carsharing the preferred means of travel.
  3. Improve the environment and quality of life in San Francisco.
  4. Create a workplace that delivers outstanding service.

FY2013-FY2018 SFMTA Strategic Plan

By 2035, San Francisco is projected to have an approximate 15 percent growth in population and a 25 percent growth in employment. This growth requires us to re-think our resources and tools to meet the city’s quality of life objectives. SFMTA can leverage its multi modality to facilitate big picture planning, design, construction, operations and overall funding management to implement complete streets projects that make non-auto modes more attractive to all residents, workers and visitors to San Francisco.

Under the FY2013-FY2018 SFMTA Strategic Plan, the SFMTA committed to a mode share goal of 50 percent auto and 50 percent non-auto (transit, bicycling, walking and taxi) for all trips by 2018. Meeting this mode shift goal will put the SFMTA and the city as a whole on track to meet the transportation needs of future residents, employees and visitors. 

Modal & Programmatic Strategies

Taking a closer look at each of the transportation modes in San Francisco, the SFMTA is currently studying the needs, benefits and costs to enhance each mode network in the city. With a focus on improving safety, encouraging mode shift and improving the quality of life in San Francisco, these strategies layout how the SFMTA and the City and County of San Francisco can achieve the 2018 mode split goal.

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Progress Reports

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