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Issues and Opportunities

Since the agency adopted its last strategic plan in 2012, San Francisco and the SFMTA have seen significant changes that have affected the city’s transportation system and the overall mobility of its residents, workers and visitors. As part of the strategic planning process, the agency worked with its own staff and external stakeholders to gather insight about the impact these changes have had on San Francisco communities and identify the key issues and concerns that should be addressed in the Strategic Plan.

Many of the challenges and opportunities that the agency faces in the next several years are a result of or in response to the changing and growing city. San Francisco is one of 20 fastest-growing cities in the United States, with the current city population of over 870,000 the city is expected to reach almost a million by 2035 and 1.1 million by 2040. The majority of the new residents are white, highly-educated, and comparatively wealthy, and the largest population segment in the city is now between 20-29 years old. Persons of color, from older age groups, or those with lower levels of educational attainment have been leaving the city.

In understanding and evaluating these changing factors and what they mean for the people living, working, and visiting San Francisco, the SFMTA has developed an informed and flexible strategic plan that enables the agency to be responsive and more effective in managing the transportation system.


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