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SFMTA Strategic Plan

In order to better serve the public in the years to come, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency adopted a new Strategic Plan on April 3rd. 

This new Strategic Plan outlines how we will align staff and financial resources to improve the existing system. The vision and mission of the agency establishes the agency’s idea of success and overall purpose, and the workplace values guide how we work with both our colleagues and the public as a whole.

Vision: Excellent transportation choices for San Francisco.

Mission Statement: We connect San Francisco through a safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation system.

Workplace Values: Respect, Inclusivity, Integrity.

Strategic Goals

Beyond the high-level vision and mission for the agency, the Strategic Plan outlines the agency’s four goals of safety, travel choices, livability, and service. These goals are the key areas the agency will focus on in order to achieve the vision. Under each goal are several objectives that address the specific needs of the city’s transportation system and achieve our goals.

Goal 1: Create a safer transportation experience for everyone.

Goal 2: Make transit and other sustainable modes of transportation the most attractive and preferred means of travel.

Goal 3: Improve the quality of life and environment in San Francisco and the region.

Goal 4: Create a workplace that delivers outstanding service.

Read the full Strategic Plan

Implementation of the plan

Through the implementation of the last Strategic Plan, the agency recorded the lowest number of traffic deaths in recorded history, maintained a 50 percent non-private auto mode share, improved customer satisfaction to its highest level since 2001, and worked to replace transit vehicle fleet. When this new Strategic Plan goes into effect in July 2018, we will build on these efforts and develop new actions to achieve our strategic objectives. In addition to the ongoing service and projects you will see throughout the city, some new actions may include communications strategies, facilities improvements, and internal project delivery process improvements to make the agency more effective and efficient.

Tracking our Progress

You can track our progress in implementing the Strategic Plan by checking out the interactive dashboards for the performance metrics or reviewing the monthly Strategic Plan Progress Reports. These performance metrics and specific targets were also established in the Strategic Plan, and form the basis for our ongoing, transparent reporting on agency work. Also, we will be assessing the Strategic Plan elements every two years, in alignment with the agency’s budget cycle, to ensure that the agency is best serving the constantly evolving city and region.


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