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(archived - see node/25534) SFMTA Workplace Values

A clear set of values aligned with the overall vision and mission are critical to the successful achievement of all the strategic goals.

Values not only support what the agency strives to accomplish, but also establishes how staff will work together to accomplish the strategic goals and objectives in this Strategic Plan. They guide everyday interactions amongst colleagues, during public outreach and engagement processes, and throughout agency functions such as hiring, performance management, and employee recognition programs. Values influence communications, major agency decisions, and investments in infrastructure.

The development of this new Strategic Plan gave the SFMTA the opportunity to reinvigorate the agency’s workplace values to make them more useful for staff, improve the culture of the agency, and ultimately provide the public with better service.

As the transportation agency for one of the most vibrant and progressive cities in the world, our values reflect the city we serve. We commit to upholding these values: