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Beyond the Bike Lane: SFMTA 2019 Bike Program Report

Friday, May 17, 2019

POV of the bike lane on Page Street.

Have you ever wondered how many miles of high-quality bike network has been installed in the last five years?

Have you ever had sleepless nights pondering the status of our bicycle wayfinding sign program?

Have you ever forgotten which BART stations have a bike station and which just have bike racks?

Ask No More!

In answering those questions and many more, we are thrilled to unveil the SFMTA 2019 Bike Program Report – just in time for Bike Month. This report is meant to act as a complement to the Pedaling Forward report, which details the infrastructure work conducted by the Livable Streets subdivision of SFMTA.

Making San Francisco a bike-friendly city requires a lot more than the designing & striping of bike facilities; the SFMTA 2019 Bike Program Report details all of our planning and efforts related to bicycling, including:

  • Our Bike Counts Program (pg 25), which manages 74 automated counters across the city and conducts manual counts every October.
  • Our In-School Bicycle Education Program (pg 26), which plans to expand to all SFUSD public schools within the next five years.
  • Our Bicycle Crash Analysis Study (pg 21) – which identifies streets most likely to have bike collisions in the future and pair up infrastructure investments to proactively address safety risks before injuries take place.

This report is also a successor to the SFMTA 2013-2018 Bicycle Strategy, which set policy targets to make bicycling a part of everyday life. A lot has changed in the last five years; in 2013 Bay Area Bikeshare was still in its pilot phase, there was no such thing as dockless e-bikes or e-scooters, ride-hailing was in its infancy and San Francisco had not yet adopted Vision Zero. The SFMTA 2019 Bike Program Report provides a background on the policies and directives passed since 2013 that influence our work today.

The SFMTA 2019 Bike Program Report also gives you a peek into the project process SFMTA uses to plan, design and implement bike projects across the city.

  • The different Livable Streets programs that lead to bikeway construction (pg 33).
  • Our design toolbox of bike treatments (pg 34).
  • How we prioritize projects for design & funding (pg 36).

We hope this report serves as a comprehensive resource for the public, breaking down all of our work, policies and programs into easily understandable segments.

POV view of the bike lane at Page and Octavia.