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Video: More Announcements on Muni Trains

Can You Hear Us Now?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

New train announcements on old trains.

You may have noticed a new feature on the older Muni light rail vehicles, often referred to as Bredas: onboard announcements while traveling on the surface and more onboard digital signs. These upgrades to the older trains make for a more seamless experience between these and the new LRV4 vehicles.

We launched the new onboard announcements and displays earlier this week and are currently testing them throughout the system. You’ll hear messages like stop announcements and route and direction identification when boarding. If you notice that a sign isn’t working or the announcements are too soft, please let us know by contacting 311. A maintenance request with the vehicle number (if possible), and the date, time, route, location and direction will help us pinpoint the problem quickly.

More Announcements on Muni Trains