Celebrate Women in the Trades at Muni and Learn How to Work in their Fields

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Jeena Villamor makes a repair for the SFMTA. She wears a yellow safety vest and works on overhead equipment. Jeena Villamor checks resistance on the contactors for an accelerator drum at the SFMTA.

This Women's History Month, we're proud to feature women in the trades and engineering at the SFMTA.  

You'll hear from contract managers, car cleaners, engineers, machinists, mechanics, parts storekeepers and more. They all help keep our system safe, clean and accessible for everybody. We appreciate their hard work!  

We also want to encourage more women to enter their fields. That's why we're celebrating women in a way that helps others take action.  

Below, you can click on a job title to learn about one of our female staffers in the trades and engineering. You'll see:  

  • What jobs they had before their SFMTA role  
  • What key skills they need for their current job  
  • What their typical workday looks like  
  • What they enjoy most about their job  

In each story, you'll also find relevant courses or apprenticeship programs. 

Check out the video at the end of this blog to hear more from Machinist Apprentice Brittany McMartin. 
To learn about open opportunities at our agency, you can visit the SFMTA Career Center.

Editor's note: We want to thank our Transit Division for their partnership on this story. Michael Henry, acting chief mechanical officer for Fleet Maintenance, encouraged us to share the stories of women in the trades.