Go Local. Muni Supports Small Businesses.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

An illustration that says Parkside Outer Sunset featuring a light rail train and a pizza shop sign.An illustration for one of the featured neighborhood districts supporting the Take Muni to Support Small Business campaign, Artwork created by Dan Bransfield.

This week we are launching a campaign encouraging residents and visitors to take Muni to support San Francisco small businesses. The “Go Local” campaign is centered around defining the personalities of several neighborhood business districts, highlighting what makes them unique and promoting the benefits of taking Muni to shop, dine and explore.  

Economic Boost 

When you choose Muni for your daily commute or to explore the city, you're directly contributing to our local economy. Small businesses thrive when customers can easily access their shops, restaurants and services, as many of them rely on foot traffic and local patronage. By opting to take Muni, you're helping these businesses grow, create jobs and continue to enrich our city.  

Climate Conscious Choice 

Choosing Muni over private cars reduces carbon emissions and traffic congestion. It's a small thing that makes a big difference in our efforts to combat climate change.


Rideshare costs can add up, and parking can be scarce and expensive. Shopping corridors can get congested, especially during peak hours and holidays. By opting to take Muni, you help reduce street congestion and you won’t need to spend time looking for parking. With various pass options (and no surge charging), Muni makes it easy to save money on your ride, leaving you with more spending money to support local restaurants, cafes and shops.  

About the Artwork and Artist 

SFMTA staff collaborated with San Francisco-based artist Dan Bransfield for the “Go Local” campaign. Bransfield is an award-winning illustrator, animator and author working in gouache, watercolors and ink, as well as digital media. The campaign artwork captures the vibrancy and culture of each neighborhood’s commercial corridors. Riders can spot the artwork on Muni, social media, digital ads and citywide outdoor media in the coming weeks. 

Look for the #GoLocalwithMuni social tags and keep an eye out for special collaborations with local social media influencers – each spotlighting different neighborhood destinations that offer the best shopping, dining and culture...all a Muni ride away.  

By choosing to Go Local you're not just embarking on an adventure; you're supporting the heart and soul of San Francisco - the small businesses that make our city shine. 

Visit the campaign page (SFMTA.com/GoLocal) to discover what each neighborhood has to offer.