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Help Shape the Next System for Real-Time Muni Information

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Close-up photo of hands holding a smart phone showing the SFMTA website.

More than 15 years ago, Muni became a national pioneer in providing customers real-time transit information when it launched NextMuni, the system that displays live arrival prediction times at transit shelters, online, through MuniMobile and third-party smartphone apps. Today, the system has become integral to how many Muni riders navigate the city.

Now, we want your input to help design Muni's next-generation customer information system. We're starting our people-centered approach by collecting public input on how to best leverage recent technological innovations to enhance the customer experience. 

The SFMTA is planning a new "system that puts more information into the hands of our riders to help them make better travel decisions,” said our director of transportation, Ed Reiskin. “We understand how vital this information is and are looking to blend advancing technology with the current and future needs of riders across the region.”

To help us build the best system for Muni and other public transit services, we're asking for input from Muni customers and other stakeholders to understand how we can provide better real-time information to meet their needs. We've launched an in-depth online survey where we ask you to tell us how you use Muni and other transportation options, and how you'd like to see the NextMuni system improved. The survey is available in EnglishSpanish and Chinese, and we're distributing printed versions through community groups.

In addition to the survey, our outreach and research include interviews and ride-alongs with customers from various communities and backgrounds as well as numerous focus group meetings with our partners at The Lighthouse for the Blind, Independent Living Resource Center of SF and the Senior and Disability Action Network.

If you would like to participate in a ride-along or interview, please provide your contact information when prompted in the survey.

Follow these links to take the survey: