FINAL UPDATE: The second coach is back in service on the 35. The 37 coach is returning to regular service on the 37 Route. (More: 33 in last 48 hours)

Let's Improve the 22nd Street Station

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

22nd Street station
Photo courtesy of James Bueti

Working together with other transit agencies is an important part of keeping your commute moving. With fast-growing ridership and a faster-growing neighborhood, the 22nd Street Caltrain station is a vital multimodal transportation hub.

We have been working with representatives of the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association, the Dogpatch & NW Potrero Hill Green Benefit District, the Potrero Boosters, and other stakeholders, as well as public agency partners such as Public Works, SF Planning, Caltrain, and of course our own SFMTA colleagues employed in Muni facilities proximal to the 22nd Street station.

What changes have we been working on?

We have been re-balancing the curb to better serve the many ways people travel to 22nd Street. Whether you're catching Caltrain, Muni, coming to work at Muni’s Woods Division or another nearby business, we’ve created new passenger loading zones on Pennsylvania Street and 22nd Street to help pick-up and drop-off work smoother and more safely. We’re also adding secure bicycle parking lockers for commuters and visitors, complementing the bikeshare dock, which we’ve relocated to 22nd Street for better visibility and access.

Starting last month, two parking bays on Iowa Street at 22nd Street have become motorcycle and scooter parking, with room for three dozen two-wheelers. Work will soon be starting on a new station entryway and plaza at the top of the southbound platform stairs, with strong financial support from UCSF.

If you ride a scooter to 22nd Street, you will no longer be able to park in the station entry next to La Stazione once work begins there. You should start to park in the new motorcycle parking area on Iowa Street.

If you park a car or truck on Iowa Street, you’ll no longer be able to park in the two bays nearest 22nd Street. The rest of Iowa Street will continue to be regulated for vehicle parking, along with nearby streets.

We hope these changes keep your commute running smoothly. Let us know what you think about the new changes in the comments below and be sure to tweet us @SFMTA_muni.