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Transit Tuesday

Muni Dates Courtesy of Thrillist

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The end of summer often brings a quieter vibe to the city, as folks take last-minute vacations and or head out to Burning Man. This is a great opportunity for those still in town to enjoy special locations with that special someone. Whether its sharing the yummiest pizza in town (according to a non-scientific survey) or staring at the waves, San Francisco abounds with romantic locations that don't include expensive restaurants or noisy bars.

The altruistic folks at Thrillist have put together a list of 11 great Muni date ideas that take you to every corner of town and to some truly stunning vistas. Muni really covers the breadth and width of this city. Explore it with someone you love!

Note: If you're looking to take your latest squeeze for a bite or a beverage along a Muni Metro line, they've also got you covered. 

"11 Actually Great SF Muni Date Ideas" headline over a photo of a yellow and green F Line street car on The Embarcadero.