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Muni Moves You!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

This week we are launching a campaign to welcome back Muni riders as San Francisco continues to move further into pandemic recovery. The campaign encourages transit trips to destinations throughout the city to reconnect you to the people and places that define our city and shape the communities we belong to.

As many of us adopt new travel patterns for work commutes, school trips with visits to neighborhood businesses, and cultural and sporting activities, Muni offers a reliable, safe option to move about the city.

The launch of the campaign coincides with steadily increasing ridership during the work week and even more increases for weekend ridership. This is good news for SF. Increased ridership will help the city wet its climate goals and reduce traffic congestion. Sustained lower transit ridership can have negative implications for the environment and traffic congestion.

The campaign graphics feature the popular Muni “worm” logo originally designed by Walter Landor in 1975. The abstract logo morphs into iconic images of San Francisco culture. Customers returning to the system will see ads on buses, social media, digital ads, and outdoor media throughout the city. The campaign is a reminder of the importance that public transit plays in fueling the city’s economic and cultural life.  

The theme of the campaign is “Muni Moves You”  and is focused on the many reasons to take transit to destinations throughout the city including dining, shopping, nightlife, and museums. Additionally, the campaign educates the public on how the transportation system has evolved during the pandemic with improvements to routes and the expansion of transit lanes throughout the city.  Check out the campaign video to understand some of the changes that have been done.

Look for the #MuniMovesYou, #TakeMuni social tags for the campaign as it rolls out this week encouraging everyone to take Muni as an efficient, reliable, cleaner system than the one experienced before the pandemic. We are always listening so keep the feedback coming.

Visit the campaign page (

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